How can I reuse or recycle … pizza box support things?

Pizza box support thingThis (albeit badly photographed) pizza box support thing has been sat around on our table since we last had take out pizza.

It looks infinitely useful in a misc supportive way but aside from as a patio in a dolls house, we can’t think of anything to do with it.

Any suggestions?

(If you don’t know what I mean by that stunningly vague name I’ve given the entry, it’s about 3cm high and about 2cm in diameter and it is put in the middle of the pizza box to stop the centre of the box caving in when boxes are stacked or stuff, like side orders, are balanced on top of the box. They’re very useful to avoid sticky cheese situations.)

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19 Responses to “How can I reuse or recycle … pizza box support things?”

  1. mattl says:

    I’ve often thought these make ideal furniture for rodents.

  2. Marylynn says:

    When I was younger I used them for my barbie’s and such, or made little things with them. Try giving them to kids to play with! Especially future engineers who like building stuff or crafts.

  3. Emma says:

    Could you use them for three pointed french knitting or do you need four points to do it properly?

    You’d have to snap the middle bit out too.

    • Anonymous says:

      Emma wrote:

      Could you use them for three pointed french knitting or do you need four points to do it properly?
      You’d have to snap the middle bit out too.

      I think you do need four, but not a bad idea!!!!

  4. rita says:

    Can you balance one on top of another? If so then you’ve got the makings of a game – who can build the highest tower.

  5. Rebecca says:

    I frequently used them as tables in my dollhouse as a kid.

  6. Andrea says:

    Reuse them to keep cling-wrap off a frosted cake or similar food item if you’re bringing said food somewhere for a party and don’t want to bring (and forget to bring home) a reusable food storage tub.

    • says:

      andrea, what a great idea for reusing the pizza thingy, it tells me you still have all of your brain cells and that they are still working.

  7. Darth Jason says:

    My friends and I plan on using them for making wargaming terrain using these plastic thingys. We intend to make a communications tower, use them as a base for statues, and make a towering scaffold for an outpost. If anyone is interested we will start posting pics of work in progress hopefully after week end!
    Not that everybody has a need for wargaming terrain, but if you should know someone who plays these games, and you saved them for him or her and gave them this link, they will sure be gratefull!!

  8. Rick says:

    They make great cat toys. We have a few that have become the favorite of one of my cats. Strange, but true.

  9. Katie says:

    I use mine for flower arranging, when using florist’s oasis (oasis is the green foamy stuff they use). Stick it to the bottom of your container and it will stop the oasis from slipping. You can buy the same thing from the florist for about a quid.

  10. Samta Kapur says:

    I have these saved from the pizzas we get in office. my colleagues had a good laugh at me on that. They say we can not find a way to use them. i dont have kids, even in my immediate families and my colleagues say even children wont play with them. however i am still determined and have kept them to think of reuse.
    Seeing it on this site has given me boost to keep thinking. Thanks

  11. Steve says:

    similiar plastic “chairs” are used to maintain the proper height
    of rebar. just set the rebar on top of it you would need a lot
    of them though. So if you tell them your planning an addition
    to you house on a slab and need them to support the rebar
    at the min.. required from end of the concrete :)
    For conduit for electric/cable/ etc.. in a slab.

    Doubt many know would give you that answer.

    ps metal is not any good because it rusts leading to water
    entry to the rebar and comprimising the structure so the
    “chairs” are plastic.

  12. j.j. says:

    I used them for the plug sockets when my children were small to stop them putting other objects in the holes.

  13. Scozza says:

    Use them when pickling vegetables. Insert under the lid before fastening, with the flat side down. This holds the vegetables under the picling liquid so they don’t spoil.

    You can also use them when painting small items, such as doors or wooden boxes. Support the item on the legs of one, three or four of these, depending on the size and shape. This holds the item above the table or bench, and you can paint the edge at the same time as the top. Saves some time with re-coating, gives a clean finish and protects your work surface.

  14. Tracy says:

    I plan to paint them with black spray paint made for plastic. I’ll put them in Snowman kits for eyes, mouth and button parts. I should have started saving them long before now!

  15. Daniel Hall says:

    Turn upside down – egg cup.


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