How can I reuse or recycle … ice lolly sticks?

Ice lolly sticksCor, it’s a bit on the warm side, isn’t it?

Aside from an excellent storm last night, it’s been silly-hot (for the UK at least) and sticky. I have very much enjoyed hiding in the house and only venturing out in the evening when it’s all a bit more civilised. My house-bound activities have been:

  • peeling myself off the leather sofa (ick)
  • cursing my overheating laptop
  • and eating ice lollies.

Therefore I now have:

  • a rug over the sofa
  • a pad between my knee and the laptop
  • and a big pile of ice lolly sticks.

My first thought for the sticks was keeping them for labelling up next year’s veg plot but since I have already have a stack of the plastic ones to use up, any other suggestions would be great!

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11 Responses to “How can I reuse or recycle … ice lolly sticks?”

  1. Spreading PVA glue or mixing paint or polyfiller.

  2. Jo says:

    Combine them with all your plastic cups and make yourself more ice lollies using different fruit juices.

  3. dotCompost says:

    I use ’em as plant labels, esp when it’s seed sowing time. You’ve never got enough labels.

  4. You can bind them together and use them to carry a flame from one candle to another. If the candles aren’t too far, you can just keep the flame on the match, or better yet, use a lighter.

  5. Cadan ap Tomos says:

    We just burn them on the fire….

  6. You can use them to make a picture frame! Somehow…. Visit this website for all the info:

  7. Carol says:

    Iced lolly sticks are recommended as the best ‘noter’ for playing on the Appalachian or Mountain dulcimer. So I’m looking for them! Guess I’ll have to buy an iced lolly.

  8. Bad Monkey says:

    Use 6 and interweave them to make throwing stars for kids, (star of david shape)when completed, all interlocks so no glue needed,hours of fun and cheap frisbee!!! :-)

  9. Greenfingers says:

    Cut strips of 150 grit aluminium oxide paper(decorator’s sandpaper)aproximately 1/2 inch wide and glue to each side of a wooden ice lolly sticks. After the glue has dried trim off the surplus sandpaper which is overhanging the edges of the wooden lolly sticks to give excellent, long-lasting, emery boards for shaping finger or toe nails. Being much stiffer than the commercial ones made using cardborad they do a superior job and last longer – and of course are very much cheaper to make than the commercial ones. My wife and daughter swear by them !

  10. pauline says:

    i thought the emery boards a very good idea, also the frisbies, if i had an artistic streak at all i would love to make a model of a church or cathedral i might try making a cross, thats about my limit

  11. Mr Middleton says:

    I’m a primary school teacher and I’m partial to an ice lolly now and again. I keep the sticks for writing children’s names on to pull out of a jam-jar when asking them a question, and for general arts and crafts. If you save up quite a few just take them into your local primary school or nursery – I’m sure they would love them!

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