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How can I reuse or recycle washing up brushes?

dish-brushEven though we use them in addition to sponge and cloths, we seem to go through washing up brushes pretty quickly, usually because the bristles all flatten out rendering them somewhat ineffectual at reaching hard to reach bottoms of glasses etc.

We keep a couple around for “dirty” cleaning jobs, such as de-muddifying trainers, where the flattened bristles do enough but what can we do with the others?

And is there a super-invincible kind of brush that lasts longer, thus reducing our constant need to replace them?

(Photo by laeste)

How can I reuse or recycle … sponge cleaner things?

Spounge scourerAnother suggestion from Em:

Thanks for the light bulb ideas – really great.

Here’s one that I have been considering for a while……how to reuse/recycle those spongy washing up scourer pad thingies. They are the ones that come in different colours of spongy rectangles with a scoury bit on the top layer. We use ours until they are really dead – any suggestions?

Cheers, Em

We use them until they’re dead too and I worry about reusing them if they’re food gacky – but any suggestions anyway, particularly if the gack level is low?

(Oh, and I’ve also had an email from a chap called Antony who wants to find a company that makes cardboard boxes from recycled cardboard – if anyone has any ideas, leave a comment below or email me and I’ll forward along the message)