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How can I reuse or recycle plug-in air fresheners?

Following on in our vaguely spring-cleaning inspired cleaning week here on Recycle This, I received this email from Helen:

How do I recycle plug in air freshener? My daughter has been diagnosed with allergies and they’ve recommended no air fresheners now. I’ve got four to get rid of.

We’ve not used them so I’m basing my advice on reading/looking at pictures rather than hands on experience but I think they’ll be classed as electronic waste – they seem to be a plug with a small heating/vaporising/expressing element, which I’m presuming is some sort of electronics. If that’s the case (and someone please correct me if I’m wrong), then they should be recycled along with other WEEE waste, wherever it’s collected near you (usually the local tip/household waste centre).

It would be better to reuse it before sending it for recycling though – perhaps try passing them along to someone who might still use them (they could be Freecycled if no one in your family/friends circle wants them).

And while we’re on the topic, I know the point is to buy refills for them but can they be refilled at home instead – with essential oils or whatnot? Anyone got any suggestions on how to do that? Possibly still not a solution for Helen but it may save some waste for other people.

Any other recycling advice or reusing ideas?