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How can I reuse or recycle a CD rack?

cd rackWe’ve had an email from Lucy:

I’ve just moved house and now got shelves for my CD collection. What can I do with the racks I used to use? They’re metal with a wooden base.

We moved to shelves from CD towers a few years ago when the place John used to work decided to skip three wooden CD shelving units (even though they looked brand new) – they’re in a loving home now, housing CDs, random small items and in the case of one unit, my spare balls of wool. We took our old towers to our local furniture-focused charity shop and hopefully they went to a good home too.

But as for reuses instead of just passing them on – any suggestions?

How can I reuse or recycle old compact discs (cds)?

Compact DiscsA few years ago, when everyone and their auntie was trying their luck during the ISP goldrush, we couldn’t open the front door for the amount of AOL cds coming through the letter box each morning.

Thankfully, it’s all slackened off a bit now but we still have stacks of old CDs to get rid of: data ones that have burnt wrong, ones that have been scratched and, on the rare occasion we still get them, those damn AOL-et-al cds.

The myriad of coasters we already own (3 different sets, 4 in each set) far exceeds the amount of coasters we use on a day-to-day basis (zero), so employing CDs to do the job – which is often the suggestion – isn’t really going to be that useful to us.

So any other ideas? What other uses are there for them?
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