Recycling for Charity: old and unwanted books

This page lists charities and other organisations collecting old and unwanted books.

If any details are incorrect or you know of any other groups collecting them, please leave a comment below and I’ll update the listings.

Who Why Country Contact details
READ International

The charity collects old textbooks from schools via its 45 Book Projects across the UK and sends them out to East Africa. Books not suitable for sending will either be sold to raise money or recycled – no books go to landfill.




Community H.E.A.R.T.

The campaign’s aim is to set up school libraries in South Africa so children will have access to books they enjoy reading: story books, novels, information books, the sort of book you would give a child or young person for their birthday or their Christmas.

They ask for 10p with each book too, to help with shipping costs.




Read their guidelines to see the type of books they’re collecting

British Heart Foundation

The BHF have specialist music and book stores throughout the country, which can make the most of specialist or obscure books.



Or take donations directly to the shops in Brighton, Harrogate, Chelthenham, Clifton, Reading or Streatham


323 Responses to “Recycling for Charity: old and unwanted books”

  1. I am looking for theology books to be donated to our library in Malawi. If there is anyone who has them or can help us in some ways please contact me at: 265 0999 570 654.

    • Robbie DeLoach says:

      I have many theology books and DVD’s tha I would like to send you. please give me an address where I can mail them to you.

      • Robert Mdoka says:

        Dear Robbie
        My address is Ecumenical Theological College, P/Bag 16, Zomba, Malawi. Thanks for your kindness.

        265 0999 570 654

      • Kathryn says:

        Hi Robbie,
        Could you (or any of the others shipping books from the UK) let me know the best & lowest cost shipping options they have used.

    • Kathryn says:

      I have some children & adult fiction I could send if you know of anyone that would like them

  2. My email is the one above plus the phone. Thanks.

    • Pauline Windsor says:

      HI Robert, I have loads of books, but how would I be able to get them to you?

      • Robert Mdoka says:

        Dear Pauline
        I have read your email saying you have alot of theology books you want to send me as I asked on the net. My address is Rev. Robert Mdoka, P Bag 16, Zomba, Malawi, Africa. Could you please let me know where in the world you are and your mobile phone or ground phone-i may phone you.
        May the Lord bless you.

  3. Kbourne says:

    Hi I am looking to get a collection of books together for a theatre piece focusing on book and enid blyton… Is there anywhere I can get a bulk load of books ? Any size or cOndition x thankyou

  4. Francine Blanchet says:

    I can help you with books. , I have loads of them .
    All sorts , shape and not that old

    • Robert Mdoka says:

      Dear Francine
      Thanks very much for your concern to help. My address is P/Bag 16, Zomba, Malawi,Africa. May you please tell me in which country you are.
      May God bless you.

  5. Sophia says:

    All, I have the following university textbooks which I will no longer be needing.
    Some of them have annotations, some of them do not. All are 3-4 years old.

    Shoot me an email with the books you are interested in and I’ll reply if they are still available, first come first serve basis.
    I will not be taking a profit, simply charging for P&P.

    Contact email address :

    Books :
    – Microeconomics : Gravelle and Rees, 3rd Edition
    – Intermediate Microeconomics : Varian, 7th Edition, International Edition
    – Macroeconomics : Dornbusch, Fischer, Startz, 9th Edition
    – Labor Economics : Borjas, 4th Edition
    – Econometric Analysis : Greene, 6th Edition, International Edition
    – Behavioural Corporate Finance : Hersh-Shefrin
    – An Introduction to Mathematical Sciences and it’s Applications : Larsen Marx, 4th Edition, International Edition
    – The Economics of Money, Banking and Financial Markets : Mishkin, 8th Edition, International Edition
    – Introduction to Econometrics : Stock Watson, 2nd Edition, International Edition
    – Financial Markets and Institutions : Howells Bain, 5th Edition
    – International Economics – Theory and Policy : Krugman Obstfeld, 7th Edition, International Edition
    – Macroeconomics : Blanchard, 4th Edition
    – An Introduction to Game Theory : Osborne

    – Sophia

    • Robert Mdoka says:

      Dear Sophia
      I am happy that you want to help me with the books you listed.
      My address is P/Bag 16, Zomba, Africa. My phone is 265 0999570 654.
      May God bless you.

    • Susan Claydon says:

      I am working as a VSO volunteer in South Sudan. The NGO I am on placement with has set up a college to train people for Civil Society. There is a great need for books related to social work, accountancy, administration – business and public – logistics etc. There is a problem as there is no postal service in South Sudan but I understand some shipping companies are now getting things through. In this post-conflict new country the need for education at the tertiary level is so high but resources are nil. Any help would be much appreciated.

  6. GQ says:

    Does anyone know of places that can use Art Books/magazines -mainly technique based, water colour, good to fair condition?


  7. Katy Roberts says:

    I am an artist and art teacher living in Kenya. I have set up an arts centre here at the foot hills of Mount Kenya and am very interested in starting a small arts library for the community to use. Any art books and magazines would be very useful.

    Thanks Katy Roberts

  8. elsie reed says:

    looking for old book and reading glass donations for grassroot women and children.
    kindly send email to

  9. Our Charity organization in Sierra Leone called We Yone Child Foundation-Sierra Leone is looking for books for our orphans/street children in our centres in the western Area of Freetown.
    call me on +23277435212

  10. Paul B. says:

    This is a great resource list.

  11. GQ says:

    Thanks for responses re art books – they are now going to a good home.


  12. Cara says:

    Hi all, i am looking for books – fiction and non fiction to send to my friends charity in Namibia that has an after school program helping school age children progress. They have a real need for early reader and phonetic type books.
    I can send you the address of the charity if you want to send direct or please contact me if you have info that can help or books to donate.
    Thank you :-)

    • Teresa Hudson says:

      Hi Cara

      I have a large quanity of early reading books that the school I work in no longer needs. If the charity is still interested, please could you send me their contact details


  13. sapto agusworo says:

    hi, im sapto from indonesia, i have an english course for poor family in my village, as you know that english is very important nowdays, but its become a very luxurious thing for poor family in my country,
    i need all kind of english text books to help them.
    here is my adress

    sapto agusworo
    jl. ikan tombro timur no. 3
    malang 65142
    jawa timur indonesia

    phone. 085664433506

  14. Zoya says:


    I have a range of ACCA (Accountancy) books, text books, revision books and notes. Worth quite a lot but not of any use to me now.

    Please let me know if anyone is interested and you can collect them for free.


    Zoya ( – if emailing, please write ACCA books in subject)

  15. yasmeen says:

    I’ve old medical textbooks i want to donate somewhere, but can’t really find an appropriate charity/site.
    Can anyone help?
    Yasmeen (UK)

  16. Lynette Willis says:

    Hi Everyone
    I am a secondary school teacher in Hampshire. We have a wide range of English text books that we would like to donate to a charity. The problem with them is that they are older than 10 years. They are still useable but we are in the process of investing in e-resources.
    I’d hate to see so many books which could be used by someone being dumped into a skip.
    If anyone thinks they could have a use for them please don’t hesitate to contact me at

    • Nicola Hewitt says:

      Hi reading through all the messages and i wondered if you ever got rid of your books? I work in a school and have hundreds of geography and history books to get rid of.

  17. Anura Nandalal says:


    I am a IT professional. I have a free computer class for poor students in my village. They are very creative and inovative students. If you can send some ICT books it is great help to them improve their knowledge.

    My address is

    P B A nandalal
    11, Kolamunna,
    Sri Lanka

    Phone: 0094773431785

  18. Anura Nandalal says:


    I am a IT professional. I have a free computer class for poor students in my village. They are very creative and inovative students. If you can send some ICT books it is great help to them improve their knowledge.

    My address is

    P B A nandalal
    11, Kolamunna,
    Sri Lanka

    Phone: 0094773431785

  19. Jonathan says:

    I have over 1000 Various Books from Libraries
    The Books are aimed at 10year olds to 16 year olds

    They consist of Arts, Georgraphy, Fictions Etc

    Email me on
    Give Back Charity

  20. Therry Neilsen-Steinhardt says:


    Rev. Mdoka, I have some theology books I am going to send you in Malawi. Some of them are pastoral care, some are biblical scholarship, and some are strict theology. I will send you as many as I can afford to send you. I’m glad to have found your need.

    Bless you —


  21. Robert Mdoka says:

    Dear Therry
    Thanks very much for your kindness I am looking forward to receiving the theology books. My Postoral addresss is P/Bag 16, Zomba, Malawi. My phone is 265 0999 570 654.
    May the Lord bless you.

  22. Jan Kay says:

    Northern Uganda has been ravaged by war (kony) for nearly 30 years, people have been born and grown up in camps. But the major problem is that thousands of young boys and girls have had no formal schooling and no contact with books. We are collecting all sorts of books, especially books for reading, like story books and novels. We need books for children as well as adults. 07448448016 please note i can collect the books. Thanks. Jan

  23. Siobhan Hayward says:

    Hi am a food tech teacher who has a lot of textbooks in good condition but not required anymore. Can anyone use them?


  24. Since 2004 I have been “warehousing” books for my fledgling school in Uganda. Just doing an eye count, I believe there are about 3,5000, perhaps more!

    Just finished our Website: All the information is there on this endeavor to get these valuable reading materials to the pupils who need them.

    My greatest need is to pay for the cost of shipping them to Uganda.

    Any assistance will be a blessing. The books can be inspected in storage in San Diego, California.

    If any person can help, it will be an aswered prayer.

  25. swati patel says:

    My colleagues are I are moving into a new building and have lots of old medical textbooks that we would like to donate. Some are 20 years old and some more recent. We move in 4 weeks. I am able to deliver south/south east UK if that is of any help.

  26. J. Farah says:

    I am writing this email on behave of Horn Africa Development charity organisation, who runs three School in Somaliland. We would like to collect all old and unwanted text books to help those schools who needs them. If you want donate books and you are in UK please drop me an email. Thanks

  27. oliver lafen says:

    Greeting to all,

    I am writing on behalf of Glorious charity based in Cameroon. We would to collect books in the fields of democracy, human rights, governance, development, civil education, international law, accounting, management. etc

    These books will help us establish a library for our affiliate; Glorious civil society and development consultancy, it will further help us to increase sensitization of the English speaking minorities in my country.

    Here is our address

    Glorious Charity (GLOCIN)
    P.O BOX 8208


  28. vic bonett says:

    i am looking for cheap or free educational books to send to tanzania.if the books are in north devon that would be very usefull as i dont have a car.any donations will be gratefully received.m.v.bonett

  29. Wedzi says:

    Hi all

    I am looking for children’s books to send to disadvantaged pre-school and primary school aged children in Zimbabwe. Please contact me on if you have any unwanted books.

    Many thanks

  30. Shaima says:

    I’ve got tons of textbooks and I want to sell them for recycling vactories, could you please helpe me if that possible?

  31. Ellie says:


    I work for a homelessness charity in Slough and I am looking for any books (although probably mainly fiction) so that I can set up a book group and do some literecy lessons.

    And help or ideas as where I might be able to get books from would be most welcome.



    • Rhonda says:

      Hi Ellie,

      I have just read your post on recycle this and may be able to help. I work at a school in Poole, Dorset and have been going through an old store cupboard. I have found boxes of books ranging from old to new and ranging in abilities of reading. I am happy to discuss if you think they may be of use to you.

      Please feel free to email me on if you are interested.

      Kind regards,


  32. Touch says:

    We want Marathi nobel book,for our library,and also school of Anandrao Pa war High School, Borivili(W),Kindly contact Te.9819453873
    Thanks & Regards

  33. howard zondo says:

    we have a number of old unused books that needs we need to get away with. could someone please come to our rescue

  34. Jayne Boulton says:

    I am trying to find a home for many old legal books. If anyone is interested please respond.

  35. Hi,

    If anyone has text books and story books suitable for 9-15yr olds please let me know – I can collect from anywhere near Manchester. It is for a library we’re developing in Kenya for orphaned children.



    • Flavia D'souza says:

      I have a lot of books and I am living in Manchester. Email me asap if you are interested.

  36. Jane says:

    I am looking for educational books to send to Kenya for poor schools in the village this will be books from early years to sec schools ages please can any body help

  37. Amber says:

    Dear All,

    I am setting up a little project for parents to swap books in my son’s school in Greenwich and would be very grateful if someone could donate their unwanted books. Many thanks.

  38. HARUN ÇİFTCİ says:

    Hello!I need English story books and novels for our new school.If anyone helps for our library we will very grateful for this.Please We are waiting for your helpss:::)))You can also contact via my mail address.Thanks!

    • Rhonda says:

      Hi there,

      I work in a school and I have found a huge amount of boxes of books ranging from young story books to adult novels. If this is any good to you then please let me know and can arrange to contact you. Where will you be sending the books?

      Many thanks,

  39. Judit says:

    Hello! I am a primary school teacher in a little village in Hungary. I really need some English books for my students to read…. Young story books, novels, short stories, rhymes… I will be very grateful.
    Thanks a lot, Judit

    My address:
    Viszusne Jaksics Judit
    Petofi Sandor Primary School
    6 Petofi ter
    2163 Vacratot

  40. Ray says:

    Dear all,

    We are looking to establish a Peoples’ library in Zimbabwe. We are looking to fill up a 40ft container with books for all ages and reading interests. We will collect anywhere in the east midlands or can make arrangements for longer distances.

    my email is

  41. Robert Mdoka says:

    I am looking for theology books to be donated to our theological college.

  42. Jac says:

    Hi all

    I am looking for school books ages 5-12 and secondary school if anyone has got some please. we are looking for books for schools in our community here in Uganda that are inneed of textbooks. please if you can recomend any contacts please we will be greatfull.

    kind regards


  43. Helen says:

    I have a selection of medical books including undergraduate (30y old) texts, anaesthetic books and chronic pain management.
    Can anyone use them?

  44. Hi!Everybody.We are in need of all sort of English novels,history boks,and encyclopedias.We will be very gratreful if you help our children.Thanks for attention.You can contact with us by my mail adress.

    • Flavia D'souza says:

      I have just what you need. A lot of books to give away and must be cleared asap. If you can give me your telephone number I will contact you. Thanks. Flavia

      • We are setting up a library in a secondary school in the Kono district of Sierra Leone and need useable secondhand and new books in all subjects. The school also serves as a hub for local primary schools and rural secondary schools, so books suitable for 4 to 18 year olds, textbooks, reading books, and general interest /reference books all welcome. Please get in touch if you can help

  45. Louise says:

    I have class sets of Science text books which I would like to donate. several hundred books in total for GCSE courses (Age 14-16) Would anyone like them? We are a school so don’t have the funds to ship them long distances but I could fund raise some money if needed.

  46. Cecilia says:

    Hi All

    my husband and I are moving to a new place and are getting rid of all sorts of books we no longer want. There’s a bit of everything – fiction, art, geography, architecture, linguistics, etc.

    If anybody would like them please drop me a line here.

  47. Bob says:

    We are a secondary school in south east London and have around 120 reference books that we no longer require. They are encyclopaedia brittanica and children’s brittanica plus other odds and ends. If anyone can use them let me know.

  48. Rob, Cecilia, Louise Bob – Please may can you be able to ship the books. The kids any young adults in Tanzania will be very happy to share the books.


  49. daph walker says:

    I have been offered books to send to a charity in Malawi. The books are to be collected from Grimsby to Edinburgh where someone has offered to ship the boxes to Africa in her container on the price of 10 pounds per box on 22/07/2013. I am requesting for help to transport the boxes of the donated books to Edinburgh.


  50. Catherine Madge says:

    does anyone know who can use lots of TEFL resources, books, exercises, grammar books etc? I have a huge box of these and am running out of storage.
    They are about 10 years old or so, so not too dated, from when I taught in Spain and the UK.

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