Recycling for Charity: video tapes and boxes

This page lists charities and other organisations collecting old VHS video tapes and related items like plastic boxes.

If any details are incorrect or you know of any other groups collecting them, please leave a comment below and I’ll update the listings.

Who wants it Why Country Contact details
No one at the moment, boo.


305 Responses to “Recycling for Charity: video tapes and boxes”

  1. Eileen says:

    Hi everyone

    Have 3 large bags of vhs tapes to rehome. Would rather donate to charity but happy to sell for a small fee and donate instead. Must be collected, sorry no transport, but we have good transport links. Range from U certificate to 15. Far too many to list.

    I’m in Stockwell, London.

  2. Dr David John Holdsworth says:

    I am in a very simler situation to your self have over 100 childrens videos that i would be happy to donate to a childrens charrity
    but they must be able to collect no transport

  3. I hav 3 boxes of vhs tapes all different ones free to collect cant deliver

  4. Helen says:

    Like many others I have lots of VHS tapes. Many films bought commercially, not recorded from TV.
    Could deliver Oxford, Thame, Bicester, Aylesbury. All free.

  5. Lisa says:

    There must be an Artist/Sculpture out there somewhere who can build a garden sculpture from hundreds of tapes??
    – A good project for Art colleges!!
    Stick them together and make a new version of ‘Angel of the North’!

  6. sheila coaseley says:

    I have a large bag of Video tapes that I would like to donate, all the charity shop I have being to do not take the.

  7. john says:

    If any one has or knows any one with football tapes,taped off the telly
    i.e Match of the day and ITV’s big match
    Will pick up from anywhere and very prompt collection

  8. Marcus Christo says:

    we are in Salisbury Wilts and have a stack of vhs tapes free to collector, god mix incl of comedy

  9. Jennie Butt says:

    I have a vhs recorder and tape for free to anyone who wants them.

  10. Jennie Butt says:

    I have a vhs recorder and tapes for free to anyone who wants them.

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