Recycling for Charity: medicine, pill and vitamin bottles

This page lists charities and other organisations collecting empty plastic pill, vitamin and medicine bottles.

If any details are incorrect or you know of any other groups collecting them, please leave a comment below and I’ll update the listings.

Who wants it Why Country Contact details
Amvet Empty, clean pill bottles are collected for use in impoverished countries US Attention: Deirdre
Ladies Auxillary
5 South Street
Hudson, MA 01749


159 Responses to “Recycling for Charity: medicine, pill and vitamin bottles”

  1. Pat Hanna says:

    We have alot of pill bottles and are trying to find a place to send them too. We did have an organization that was supposedly sending them overseas for pill distribution in foreign countries, but that we are not sure of. Does anyone else have an organization that we might send them too. We are a non-profit organization The Telephone Pioneers of America. Thank you Patricia Hanna

    • Pam J. says:

      This organization accepts clean pill bottles with no labels. They use them in Africa for children with Aids. PS: My Dad was a retired Telephone Pioneer of America. :-)

      Mailing Address:
      Tanya Weaver, Executive Director

      American Foundation for Children with AIDS
      6221 Blue Grass Avenue

      Harrisburg, PA 17112
      Tel: (888) 683-8323
      Tel: (717) 489-0206
      Fax: (717) 489-0214

      Join Us on FacebookFollow Us on Twitter

      • Rose says:

        Are there any organizatons doing the same in the Humble Tx or Houston, Tx?


      • Maria says:

        please let me know if American Foundation for Children with AIDS still recycling medicine bottles.and the address to sent them is locate it in Harrisburg.

      • I am interested in sending empty pill bottles to any organization, to help with suppling medical assistance to counties who are in need of help.

        Hildred Cherry
        147 Quinn Road Apt 2
        Clover, SC 29710

      • Anonymous says:

        I cannot get the labels off my pill bottles. Is there someone who can do this for me? I’ve tried soaking them off but that doesn’t work.
        I live in Canada and have about a hundred bottles.

    • shannon says:

      I am actually looking to collect pill bottles for an art project at my pharmacy school……to raise funds for a non-profit…..

      May I ask where you are located?

      • Carolyn says:

        I am in London, Ontario. There used to be a pharmacy in Kitchener Ont. but I can’t locate which one.

      • debi says:

        i live in Ingalls In. and i have a 2gallon bucket full of empty lables perscrition botlles. I don’t want to just throw them away especially if there is a use for them.

      • Candi says:


        Are u still looking for clean empty prescription pill bottles?

      • Colleen Bagge says:

        I’m in Florida, happy to send you about 50 empty bottles. Please send your address!

    • Anonymous says:

      I need pill bottles has I can not get them out of the package you get them in so I would be happy if you could send me some thank you so much x

  2. Marla says:

    need contact info for sending pill bottles to charity.

  3. R, Davis, Sec'y WFLA Lodge 330, Brookield, Il says:

    Would like information on where to recycle pill bottles in our vicinity, i.e., Cicero, Stickney,Berwyn, Brookfield, Illinois. There is a SCARCE office near by, but I can seem to get an answer from there.

    R. Davis

  4. Kenneth Gore says:

    Can I turn in empty medicine bottles to any AMVET for use in Africa? I live in Hampton Roads, VA.

  5. Carolyn / B says:

    I am soooo happy to find this inf. Who can I contact in London, Ontario. Canada or anywhere to get started again.

  6. Rose says:

    I am glad to see there is an organization I can mail them, but is there in the Humble or Houston Tx area?

    Thank You

  7. Ahna M says:

    our Girl Scout troop would like to start a campaign to collect medicine pill containers. We just want to be sure this is a current information to send to AvMet and any other organization that can re-use the containers.
    We look forward to confirmation.

  8. Lisa says:

    I have a bunch of empty median ice bottles all sizes that I would love to recycle and not throw away. So if anyone wants them just send me your mailing address and email so I can just charge you for postage costs and you can have them all. I also have 3 blue glass bottles if you like to make art stuff these are great as well. They are brand new and I just hate to throw it away. Again just pay cost for shipping and its yours.

  9. Lisa says:

    I have a bunch of empty median ice bottles all sizes that I would love to recycle and not throw away. So if anyone wants them just send me your mailing address and email so I can just charge you for postage costs and you can have them all. I also have 3 blue glass bottles if you like to make art stuff these are brand new Again just pay cost for shipping and its yours.

  10. Jan says:

    I live in the south suburbs of Chicago. We’ve already collected a garbage bag full of the bottles. But, is there somewhere locally where we can drop them off rather than having to ship them. Thanks, Jan

  11. Mary says:

    I would like to find an organization in the Oxford, North Carolina area that is accepting empty pill bottles.

  12. Carol F. says:

    I have quite a few empty pill bottles that I’ve finally taken the labels off of that were just tossed in an empty drawer. I live in a far south suburb of Chicago (Will County) and wanted to know if anyone nearby needs them, otherwise I will put them in the recycling bin. Respond back to this post on this site if you or an organization could use them.

  13. Mary VanArsdale says:

    I belong to AMVETS Aux. in PA. We are looking for a place to recycle pill bottles. We have contacted several places but they aren’t interested in the bottles. What do you do with yours? Thanks for any ideas.

  14. yo frank says:

    I would love to know if there is a location located in arlington,tx or dfw area.
    Please reply to this post or email me with any info.
    Thank you,

  15. Mary says:

    Looking for a location in the Cincinnati OH area that is interested in clean prescription bottles, my church group is considering this as a outreach project. If you know of any locations in the Cincinnati OH area please let me know. Thanks.

  16. Steve Majdecki says:

    Our church is looking for an organization to which we can donate the empty prescription bottles collected from our church members. We are located approximately 50 northwest of St. Louis, Missouri. Any ideas?

    • shirley stevens says:

      we are collecting empty prescription bottles please send if you still have available remove all labels send to Normandy United Methodist Church 8000 Natural Bridge Rd, St. Louis Missouri 63121 attn: Shirley Stevens

      • Denise Sherman says:

        Is your church still collecting pill bottles? I have some I want to send somewhere that can use them. Thanks – Denise Sherman

    • Barb Yelliott says:

      Did you ever find a place that will take empty pill bottles. I live north of St. Louis area in Illinois and you seem to be the only one near an area closer to me that was looking for a place. I hate throwing these bottles away each month so I am looking for someone that is not too far away I could save far and not too far to send or drop off. Thanks, Barb

  17. Debbie Trego says:

    I, too, have many pill bottles that were donated to me by church members for my medical mission trips. However, the organization that I frequently travel with uses small zip lock bags for dispensing meds. Can I take them to any AmVets drop-of in Ohio?

  18. Pam Rymanowicz says:

    Make mini medical kits, steri wipes, steri strips, bandages, bee sting pens, many small medical items can fit into just 1 container.

    You can also make mini sewing kits as well, very handy a few safety pins some various threads wrapped around a piece of cardboard, a few various colored buttons, 2 needles.

  19. Sharon Ward says:

    I have a lot of used empty prescription and supplement bottles I would like to donate to a nonprofit or veterinary clinic, preferably in the proximity of Dallas, Texas. Please call me at 972-238-7992.

  20. Kim Wixson says:

    I’m looking for an organization/group in MI that accepts empty prescription bottles for reuse maybe in third world contries?

  21. Chris Brown says:

    I have several pill bottles for who ever is in need of them. I take many medications and have pill bottles ever month that I could give away. I now have 76 bottles of all sizes. So if anyone is interested please email me. We had a church that was taking them for kids in Africa suffering from Aids/HIV but they stopped and so now we need another way to recycle them. If your wondering how to get the labels off the bottles you can use the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and it takes them off with no problem, just a little scrubbing.

  22. Connie Basler says:

    Are there any Amvet locations near Detroit, MI?

  23. suzanne says:

    I have 2 to 3 dozen brown glass pill/supplement bottles to donate someplace. They are all clean, labels removed and ready to reuse.

  24. Sandi says:

    I need somewhere to recycle plastic bill bottles near Toledo, Oh
    I have several dozen. I would like for them to go to a needy charity if possible.

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