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Interesting reducing, reusing & recycling links

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Fab free recycling posters – what you can and can’t recycle

Illustrator Fee Harding (also known as Burntfeather) got in touch this morning to confess:

I’ve been guilty of not recycling!

This overwhelming guilt forced me to start looking into what I could and could not recycle and then set out to design a set of posters to blu tak above my recycling stash in my kitchen!

I thought your readers might enjoy being able to print out their own.

You can download the posters from Fee’s site and you really should – they’re great!

She’s divided packaging waste into “the good, the bad and the ugly” – what you can recycle and can’t recycle – and added helpful hints. Very useful and cute – thanks Fee!

The Really Good Life: Baking things that’ll last

Hey guys, sorry I haven’t got time to write a full Recycle This post today – but can I point you to the latest article on my new blog The Really Good Life?

It’s about how to reduce food waste and having to rely on supermarket supplies by getting the most out of each home baking session – how to make baked goods that’ll last.

Do you have any tricks to stop bread, biscuits, cakes etc from quickly going stale?

Do you freeze dough or part-baked/fully baked items? Any tricks or tips?

Any special ingredients to include or avoid to make things last that little bit longer?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Reduce This: How can you tell when something is good quality?

Over on my new frugal living/growing/cooking blog The Really Good Life today, I’ve asked a Reduce This related question: How can you tell when something is good quality?

The first stage of the recycling triangle is Reduce – reduce the amount of things you buy/use and buy items that’ll last and can be repaired rather than ones that need replacing frequently — but how can you tell what will last?

What cues tell you when something is worth the extra money? And when it definitely isn’t?

Do you have a particular area of expertise? If so, tell us all about it on The Really Good Life!

Recent recommended reducing, reusing and recycling links

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