Any advice for making a mosiac out of broken ceramics?

Leo emailed to ask:

Hi, your website is great. I’m interested in reusing broken ceramics, terracotta tiles, stone etc. to do a floor mosaic. Do you have any advice about installing this, e.g. cheap or recyclable adhesive, mortar etc.?

The only time I’ve make a “crazy” tile mosiac, I had some normal tile adhesive and grout leftover from a project so just used that. Has anyone else used anything else?

And, while Leo doesn’t explicitly ask for it, anyone got any other advice for building such a mosiac recycling and upcycling various things?

(Photo by stay4while)

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One Response to “Any advice for making a mosiac out of broken ceramics?”

  1. Melinda says:

    Making art with broken ceramics has a long history and a fancy French name: pique assiette. If you google that, there are some great sites and ideas. I’ve seen broken ceramics incorporated into a mosaic table top and into garden strepping stones.

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