This week’s interesting reducing, reusing & recycling links

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3 Responses to “This week’s interesting reducing, reusing & recycling links”

  1. How spooky is that – my sister has given me a recipe for nettle soup today! :)

  2. anna says:

    I like cooking with nettles – just use them as you would use spinach (just boil for a minute first). Soups, nettle paneer (make as saag paneer), or like any dark green vegetable.

    And hair can be used for gardening. It supposedly helps prevent snails (when chopped to short pieces), but as here I don’t have any of those, they give some nutrition for plants. I cut it to pieces and hide it inside the soil for some of the nutrition demanding plants. (there are SO many things that plants love by the way – overripe bananas for tomatoes, nail and claw clippings, pee as 1/10 – 1/3 part in water for many plants, the coffee grounds…)

  3. estrias says:

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