How can I reuse or recycle the metal bit of a ring binder/folder?

ringbinderLizzy has left us a message saying:

Hello, right now I am staring at a metal central bit of a ringbinder, and wondering how to repurpose it.

I had a leather diary with it in the centre, with the pages on it. When trying to write on the left-hand page, the metal rings got in the way.

I am in the process of turning the leather part into a handbag, and am more successfully using the pages, now being held together by a treasury tag, but what to do with the six-ringed central metal bit…any suggestions?

I thought we’d cover this already but I think I’m getting it confused with the spiral of a spiral notebook.

So any suggestions?

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4 Responses to “How can I reuse or recycle the metal bit of a ring binder/folder?”

  1. Joan says:

    for Lizzy ..and the metal rings
    I would use the rings for crocheting, tatting, macrame anything that requires a circle, working within the ring… such as a curtain pull, light pull,or toy pull even jewelery, .. have fun.

  2. anna says:

    The part in the holder holding the sheets down (that is on the bigger ring binders) is awesome for a towel holder in bathroom. All else you need is a nail.
    I have the same problem repurposing – except I can’t write on the right side.. so the left handed solution is when reusing the binder for the original purpose, to write on the sheet first and then put it to folder.

  3. Jodie R. says:

    Is the metal ring connected to anything else, or is it just a circle? If it’s just a circle, you could use them to make a floppy disk bag like shown at (just search for it).
    They use metal rings to connect each disk to the next.

    I also used two metal rings as part of the harness for a hobby horse (a horse head on a stick for young children)

  4. Uluska says:

    Use as a hanger: kitchen utensils, keys, jewelry, ribbons, ropes, you name it. Just screw horizontally to the wall, or board or furniture.

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