How can I reuse or recycle can ring pulls?

bracelet of conscience made out of ring pullsA couple of weeks ago, Ann posted a comment about “Bracelets with a Conscience” that she makes out of “soda can tabs”.

She sent me a few pictures of the bracelets recently and I think a great idea.

But what else can be done with those tabs? Any suggestions?

(We covered the cans themselves back in the day – over two years ago, gosh! that’s an eon in internet time!)

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39 Responses to “How can I reuse or recycle can ring pulls?”

  1. Jo says:

    The Lions Club in NZ collects these to raise funds for children with kidney disorders. Kan Tabs for Kidney Kids is the largest Lions Club project in NZ:
    You can read more about it here:

  2. Bellen says:

    Back in the 60s/70s when recycling got a big push from hippies they used the tabs to make chain-mail like vests, purses (with linings), belts, jewelry, curtains and tiebacks. I would guess a look into back issues of Mother Earth News of that time period would give more suggestions.

  3. Sally says:

    I’ve seen displays where they collect them for the Ronald McDonald House as well.

    And they can be recycled with the rest of the can. (But that’s not much fun :)

  4. Kate says:

    To date more than $4 million has been raised for the Ronald McDonald house:


    has a crochet vest made of these pulls, and a link to a tutorial on how it was made. Seems to me it would be a bit scratchy and uncomfortable, but I suppose that’s why it’s lined!

  6. Deanna says:

    I’ve made at least a dozen sweet belts out of ~100 tabs. They’re great gifts for friends! All you need is tons o’ tabs and nylon cord. There are plenty of tutorials online.

  7. roz says:

    I save my pull tabs, which are made of aluminum. I give them to someone who sells the aluminum, which has bought at least two electric wheelchairs. I think that’s a great use!
    Before I return my cans for the deposit I always take off the ring so that can be used independently.

    • Chimere G says:

      Where do they take the tabs to?

    • Derek Boden says:

      Can you please give me an address to send ring pulls to for the Charity you mention.
      Derek Boden.

    • caroline says:

      hi can you give me more information please on this as i’am in a wheelchair dance team not for profit charity and struggle to get funding esp for wheelchairs ect your help will be most appreciated yours caroline

  8. Ana says:

    Specialising in knitting, crochet and reusing ring-pulls from tin cans

  9. Tazzie! :) says:

    I know that if u recycle them, they can then be used to make machines for people who have had parts of their body’s cut off. Like a mechanic arm, my school and I have been collecting them for quite some time, mainly for that reason.

    – hope i helped! :)

  10. kirsty83 says:

    hi there this may be a long shot,i am in my final year on a BA in Design and am constructing a public art piece using ring pulls, i am looking to collect can ring pulls to be able to complete this piece, is there anyone out there willing to donate?:)

  11. Jordan says:

    You can make bracelets with them in a different way. It looks easier than that to me. All you need is 30 coke tabs and some of that plastic sting that is at walmart for like a pack of 4 colors for $2.00. The full price it takes to make 1 is probably less than a dollar but you can sell then for up to $5. Great way to make money!! well if you would like to know my way please email me!

  12. melissa says:

    I have wondered if you could make one of the hippie beaded curtains with pull tabs. As soon as I collect enough I want to try this..

  13. Cameron Fuller says:

    donate them to a local charity then they melt them down and sell them forr scrap metal. I donate my can tabs to ‘The Kidney Kids’.


    Cameron Fuller

    New Zealand

  14. Laura Steel says:

    I work for the Philippine Community Fund we are a small charity based in Southampton we collect ring pulls as well as glossy magazines, toothpaste tubes and crisp packets. We recycle these into products (handbags, jewellery, purses etc) which we sell to generate money for our projects which help improve the lives of families living in the most deprived areas in the Philippines.


    check out our website you can look at our products at the online shop and learn more about what we do..


    • Bev Mc Cleary says:

      Hi Laura, I support a lady with learning disabilities and we have started a wee project of collecting ring pulls to donate to a worthy cause. We have roped a few cafes and pubs into collecting them for us but have, up to now not found somewhere we can forward them to.
      My email is
      We would love to help with your project.
      Please send us some info and address to post to

    • a.caddy says:

      I have heard about your charity and started collecting ring pulls. When I have enough, where do I send the off to?

  15. R-PAG says:

    We at the Ring Pull Appreciation Group want more members on Facebook to show how much we really do appreciate Ring Pulls… we will collect for a reason in the future…

  16. tony says:

    I hear ring-pulls are collected to raise money for electric chairs for children. Anyone know about this?

  17. Helena says:

    There are some charity organisations that melt down recycled ring pulls and use the metal to make prosthetic arms and legs for children in third world countries that have had their own blown of in landmine accidents. my school is doing a project to collect as many as possible during the year because a student knows a guy that works for one of these charities, but its in Denmark. However, there might be others around the world. I think it is something to look into as it goes to two great causes. Recycling and charity. That’s my opinion, if you’r interested then I suggest you look into similar organisation somewhere nearer.

  18. Susan Owens says:

    We want to send off the ring pulls we have collected, and we want to have them used by a charity as the people that used to take them no longer do so. Can anyone get us an address?

  19. George Madika says:

    I hav a 2*2liter of coke that are full of that ring, but i don’t know where to submit them

  20. Anonymous says:

    Iwant to know where must I sell pull rings in SA

  21. michael ngobeni says:

    I got 4 of two litres full of can rings pull can anyone tell me where to send them pls

  22. Emma Ferris says:

    Hi I make beautiful jewellery and useful products out of ring pulls and are looking for donations of these for workshops I would like to hold in the Wiltshire area. Please save them up and donate to me. If you have a supply you can email me for my address on

    I look forward to hearing from you.


  23. NJ HUGO says:

    Hey there can you plz were to sell this can pull ring coz I have 17 2liiters now,in SA.

  24. Ring Pull Appreciation Group!!!! I’m in!!

  25. Janie storer says:

    I live in the UK and am collecting ring pulls to make items to sell to raise money for charity.
    If anyone could send me any I’d really appreciate it.

    I’m on Facebook and Twitter as Janie storer author if anyone wants to get in touch

  26. joyce dunford says:

    we have some ring pulls if you still need them, regards ,joyce.

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