How can I reuse or recycle hair curlers?

Hair curlersWe’ve had another email from our most prolific suggester of things [Am] (aka Delusion):

Me again! While at my parents I caught my mother about to throw out some very old curlers. I managed to snag them before they reached the rubbish bin and thought they would be a good suggestion idea.

There are two kinds, one are cylinders with elastic looped at the bottom that attaches to the ‘stopper’ part and the other kind are spongy, bendy ones. Any ideas for usage to stop them being dumped in a landfill?

If they’re bendy enough, I imagine the bendy ones would be a great addition to a tool box – you could use them for, say, holding pipes together or tying a garden plant to a support (the foam would stop the wire digging into the stem).

And for the cylinder ones, mini-bird feeders? Or if you could block each end, fill with lavender (or the like) to use as an air-freshner or in a drawer/wardrobe?

Any other ideas?

(Photo by [Am] – thanks :) )

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10 Responses to “How can I reuse or recycle hair curlers?”

  1. anna says:

    For the bendy ones, if they look too used, you could sew a thin cover for them from a nice fabric (of some other project or pieces too tiny to use with other projects), put these bendy ones inside, close them, and you have a gift for a long haired friend :)

    The cylindar ones would be great filled with fabric scraps etc and a bit of catnip, to make a toy for a furry friend.

  2. CTP says:

    i always save odd-shaped things like these in my workshop in a drawer with similar items. i’ll end up using the pieces as-is, or cutting/joining/modifying in some way for some random project, in any number of ways, e.g., as bushings, shims, plugs, washers, ties, etc.

  3. mormonsim says:

    The long flexi ones are great for tying around plants(o.k. it’s more like molding around plants) you are propping with string. This is especially good for tree seedlings. they are so thick and cushy they wont hurt thr bark.
    The others could be used for halloween . all you need is an old houscoaot your favorite facial mask and a rolling pin and in an instant you have beccome the housewife from h&ll.

  4. Ben Diaz says:

    Please try recycling them with Nerf gun fans. They usually can be brought; however, kids love to make these out of pvc foam. The long foam curlers are the most ideal, as there size and shape will work well with Nerf gun darts. Please see nerf guns and nerf gun modifications (MODS). More, see e-bay. There is a huge fan base of young kids (ages 5-12) and teenagers. Try it out!!!

  5. Lindsay says:

    I recently got given a load of these by my hairdresser round the corner purely for threading onto string (which my two year old twins love doing). However, I am now actively seeking projects for these; I am using them for legs and arms for my garden people (watch this space) and also am trying to make hanging flowers out of them. Still not sure how to do it but will keep persevering and post any results forthwith!

  6. marla says:

    I just scarffed a box of assorted curlers from my mom. Some have those curved clips that snap over them, those will find new life holding floating row covers over the hoops. The hollow plastic curlers will also find new life in my garden as reusable cutworm collars. The sponge ones I’ll hold on to for future Nerf bullets for the grands. The only ones I cannot think of a use for are her old hot rollers and perm rods.

  7. Never know we can reuse or recycle hair curlers. Thanks for sharing! Great posts!

  8. Rita kempker says:

    I have my mom’s old permament curlers, these are the ones that look like a leg bone they have the rubber band that goes from one end to the other.

  9. Anonymous says:

    The plastic curlers with the snap on casings are great for ribbon control! Wrap ribbon around it and clip it in place. It will never unravel again! The foam ones with the snap on clip attached work well also.

  10. Linda Pratt says:

    The plastic curlers with the snap on casings are great for ribbon control! Wrap ribbon around it and clip it in place. It will never unravel again! The foam ones with the snap on clip attached work well also.

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