How can I reuse or recycle excessive Easter egg packaging?

easter_eggs250.jpgThis isn’t a real post just an advert for those who are currently feeling slightly sick after eating too much chocolate this morning.

We covered excessive Easter egg packaging last year but are still keen to hear your ideas and suggestions.

The cardboard can usually be recycled and the foil reused in a number of crafty ways but what about the plastic?

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8 Responses to “How can I reuse or recycle excessive Easter egg packaging?”

  1. Carboard – recycle, pretty obviously.

    Plastic – use for protecting items in the post?

    Silver foil – use in the garden to scare birds, or for art projects.

  2. Diane says:

    Would it be worth sending it back to the manufacturer with a letter asking how to recycle it?

  3. Hannah Phillips says:

    I use the foil and cardboard packaging to make cards out of.

  4. shortie_b says:

    someone i know suggested using the plastic egg-shaped mould for papier mache eggs next year. you can make the egg and then fill it with little chocolate ones. nice little easter project for the kids, and adults alike! i think i might try this myself next year as i love crafts :)

  5. JURGEN says:

    The best use I’ve found for segmented “trays” is for sorting or storing small objects; seeds, screws, nuts, bolts, or other objects with similiar shapes and functions. Granted, they may be be difficult to stack without flat inserts between layers.

  6. JURGEN says:

    Although,,,,I really like Diane’s idea. I’m for all manufacturers being held responsible for their by-products.

  7. Bad Monkey says:

    My mum has used the egg shaped plastic as chocolate mould to make her own home-made Easter eggs!

  8. Edina says:

    This years easter eggs came with much less plastic than ever before! Very impressive but has taken a long time to get to the stage where manufacturers are starting to think about this as a consumer issue.

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