How can I reuse or recycle … breakfast cereal gone chewy?

Breakfast cerealHad an email from Tori:

Hi! I read your blog about crackers that have gone soggy and I have the same problem with breakfast cereal. I go through phases of eating breakfast at home and always like to have something in, but it always seem to go soggy and chewy between phases.

I was wondering if any of your readers have any suggestions about what I can do with old cornflakes? I also eat Shreddies and bran flakes too. Thanks!

So any suggestions?

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11 Responses to “How can I reuse or recycle … breakfast cereal gone chewy?”

  1. Easy-peasy solution. Just put them out for your little feathered friends, but make sure they’ve got some drinking water too. If there are lots of cats in the area, don’t put birdy food on the ground but tie it up in one of those net bags that your onions are sold in then hang it from a tree. It looks a bit ‘Blairwitch’, but the birds don’t mind.

  2. indigo says:

    pop them in the microwave for a few seconds (how long depends on the chewyness and the power of your microwave)

  3. Petra says:

    I make marshmallow squares for my kids out of rice crispies and it doesn’t matter whether they’re chewy or crispy because the marshmallow makes them chewy in the end anyway.

  4. Bridget says:

    The old favourite with cereal clumps is to make them into biscuits by covering them in melted chocolate!
    Or you can mix them with chopped nuts etc as muesli and eat with hot milk (which covers a multitude of sins…)
    If you have unsweetened cereal that has not yet been served (ie no milk or sugar added) then you can give it to pet rodents.

  5. fishcake_random says:

    mush them up together into crumbs and use as an alternative to breadcrumbs in cooking. good for sweet and savoury dishs, and if your feeding your friends they will never guess your secret recipe for the topping lol.

  6. Stephanie says:

    Simple feed it to your dog(s) and if you dont have any the chuck it over the fence for your neighbours dog (but you didn’t hear it from me).

  7. Anonymous says:

    To re-crunch: put a thin layer of cereal on a metal baking sheet or jellyroll pan and stick in the oven at gas mark 5 (350 F) for a few minutes.

    You can crush up cereals, cookies, biscuits, crackers, corn chips, etc. and use them as crusts or crispy toppings for casseroles or desserts. Keep a couple of glass jars: one for cracker/unsweetened cereal bits (for casseroles, etc.) and one for bits of sweet stuff. Makes a yummy ice-cream topping.

  8. John B says:

    I’ve used elderly shredded wheat in home brew as wheat provides excellent “head retention” for beer. Careful though,if you add too much you can get a starch haze and the beer won’t clear properly.

  9. Gulia says:

    Children can make necklaces out of them.

  10. foodie says:

    Mix old cereal with pretzels and nuts in a large bowl. Now take some butter, melt it add wooster-sauce and bbq spice. Toss with the cereal. Now place in a shallow baking pan at 250 degrees for about 30 minutes and voila you have a snack.

    Not original, and recipe is on crispix cereal or on websites.

  11. Olia says:

    Grind the cereal in a blender and use to sprinkle ice cream.

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