How can I reuse or recycle … car batteries?

Car batteryHad an email from Christine about electric cars and car batteries:

For a year I drove the Think electric city car before Ford called them all back in for crushing (they ended up in Norway after Greenpeace kicked up a stink) and now I’m on a quest to get them back over here. My husband was a transportation planner in his earlier working life, so he’s trying to get the new owners of Think to talk to the Scottish govt about building them over here from kits. How cool would that be???

Anyway, it made me think – what can you do to recycle [car] batteries of any kind? Or is that a no-go area? I’d love to come up with a workable idea as the batteries are always targeted by the unbelievers when electric cars are touted as green vehicles.

Any suggestions for recycling – or (I suspect a long shot) reusing – them?

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72 Responses to “How can I reuse or recycle … car batteries?”

  1. Hmmm … obviously a tough question, so I’ve done a bit of homework myself and it seems that it’s perfectly possible to recycle car batteries or any kind of re-chargeable battery. This link can tell you all about it
    It seems the UK is way behind the US on recycling the more powerful lithium-ion batteries that tend to be used in mobiles, electric cars and laptops, so we send them all the way to France to be recycled. Daft or what? Nice business opportunity there for someone with a few £m to invest.

  2. Paul Rossetti says:

    As christine indiates above, the lead/acid conventional car batteries are recycleable to a large degree and systems are mostly set up for this.
    As for re-use: I occasionally get batteries from our local recycling centre to use when away from home with a 12v to 240v ac inverter. The centre let me have them free, and it’s amazing how often good batteries are thrown away. I simply put a volt meter across the terminals, so no need for a specialist battery tester, and if it reads over 10 volts then there probably isn’t a celll failed so it has a chance of being ok. For quantity re-use, maybe people storing power generated in low dc voltages would use multiple batteries and then convert up to 240v? But if i were putting in an expensive installation like that i may be tempted to put in new deep-cycle batteries or storage…?

    • David says:

      We have battery scrap to sale, any importer, should contact us for more details, terms and condition.


      • Kaushik Pitaliya says:


        I am Kaushik Pitaliya from India. I got the information from internet. I have metal Scrap business in India and i want to import batteries scrap. So, please give me full details about the price, how you’ll export and condition of payments and all that.


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      • akwasi prempe says:

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      • JIM HAMLETT says:


  3. Sue says:

    In the UK there is a battery recycling company based near Birmingham – G&P Batteries that accept all types of batteries. I had an old car battery hanging around the garage so I called my local Council who advised that I bring it to the nearest civic amenity site and they told me that it would be sent to G&P for recycling.

  4. ji zhang says:

    Dear madam or sir,
    I’am working for the Winking Dwvelopment Co.Ltd. We have a large recycle factory in china.We looking for the weast battery from Vehicles(Batteries containing lead).I’s poison and Pollution of the environment.To keep UK clean.If you can collect it we happy buy from you ,if you can’t could give some info. where i need looking for (which cpmpany),or who .

    • Yasin Khan says:

      Mr. Ji Zhang,

      Iam running a company which is based in Fiji Island and can supply you approximately 40 to 60 tons of old car batteries per month which are cut open, leads are separated from battery cell, acid water are drained out.

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      • saleem says:

        dear sir
        i want to come in your kind of business.
        kindly can u give me some ideas and price for battries.which i want in pakistan[karachi]
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      • Terri says:

        What do you do with the acid water? How is it drained and where do you dispose of it? We need to do the same.

      • pete says:

        i can supply you with car & lorry baterries per ton pls give me your price per tonne in sterling

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        pete wrote:

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      • adel says:

        Yasin Khan wrote:

        Mr. Ji Zhang,
        Iam running a company which is based in Fiji Island and can supply you approximately 40 to 60 tons of old car batteries per month which are cut open, leads are separated from battery cell, acid water are drained out.
        If you are interested than please feel free to reply back so we can start our dealings of where about you want us to the shipment and plus we require a payment in US dollar per ton.
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    • Anonymous says:

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    • Want to establish a battery recycle Factory says:

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    • RW RECYCLING. (Used car Batteries) says:

      We collect between 40 and 70 tonne of used car batteries a month.

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        What is your price target?


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    • David says:

      Send me mail for details of battery scrap we have

  5. David says:

    I have a method for bringing dead lead acid batteries back to life. I need to find some investor backing and a collection system.

    • Want to establish a battery recycle Factory says:

      iam interested in your deal need futher info

    • Amir says:

      David, please contact me. I have been looking for a renewing solutions for lead acid batteries. I am very interested in discussing it further.
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    • pete says:

      let me know how much the cost is

    • Anonymous says:

      We bulk buy used car batteries ask for Clive

  6. Terry says:

    I’m curious as to why a car battery would fail.
    I know that overcharging them can cause the lead plates to warp and short across eachother but why would a battery that has never been abused fail? I have used the “drop” method to rejuvenate a failing battery successfully many times so it would seem that some sort of conductive crud builds up between the plates which is displaced during a “drop” to the bottom of the electrolyte.
    The drop method doesn’t work more than a couple of times, so perhaps there is not much room beneath the plates to store this crud and it ends up shorting across the bottom of the plates instead.
    It all sounds to me like built in obsolescence so that battery manufacturers can sell more batteries.
    I am about to open a lead acid battery, drain and filter the acid and attempt to clean the plates myself to see if I can renew it properly and I will post my success/failure story on here when I have done it.
    Looking at the battery, the manufacturer isn’t keen to let you into their cells. They will obviously say that this is for safety reasons.

    Has anyone else attempted this procedure?

    • Want to establish a battery recycle Factory says:

      hi mate how did you go with your battery procedure as iam interested in doing that in small pacific island.pls comment

    • bob says:

      reading your proposal to restore lead acid car batteries, I’m wondering if you had any luck with investors?
      Sincer enquiery
      Bob Preston

    • Cranky says:

      Hey, what was the end result of your test? Where you able to reuse the battery in the end?

  7. battery doctors says:

    my company takes old car batteries and re-energises them. the sulpher build up is removed and the battery can then be tested and sold at a price lower than a new battery, but still having a 2 year guarantee. it is good for the consumer and good for the environment.
    for futher information see our website, or e mail me at

    • Anonymous says:

      how do you recycle car batteries? im just wondering if its possible and what procedure? i currently doing a research study on recycling car batteries and recharging it with the use of protein media, and im just wanna gather much information to justify my study.

  8. sam says:

    I do have a lot of used batteries, if you are interested call sam +44 7852594475

  9. Juwell Xiao says:

    Dear madam & sir

    I am looking for the weast battery from Vehicles(lead acid batteries).Please let me know if you have used batteries,
    I will pay a good price.

  10. frank says:

    I have worked with lead acid batteries for some time now in UK and Australia. The principle behind the battery is very simple although reconditioning has limited scope it is possible at least once. I am interested to know how the overseas gents overcome the govermental shipping of dangerous goods act to take batteries out of the UK. It is almost impossible in Australia. If the legislation in the UK allows for the export of used Junk batteries then let me know as I would have an interest in this. But only if its 100% legal

  11. Mykol says:

    Batteries (car/boat/rv) are easily recycled.

    Typically when you buy a new car battery, you can turn in your old battery and receive money for it. If you don’t have it with you at the time, you will be given a ‘core’ amount ($10 – $15), and that amount will be returned to you when you bring in your old battery with that receipt.

    Old batteries are loaded on pallets, and wrapped in clear plastic to keep them in piles. These piles (and the clear plastic wrap) are loaded in a vat of hot liquid. A crusher breaks all the batteries into very small pieces, and the plastic rises to the top of the liquid while the metal stays on the bottom of the vat. Next, the plastic is remelted, and formed into new plastic batteries, while the metal is reclaimed, the acid is redirected, and the metal is heated to molten liquid, then made into new battery cells. The batteries are completely recycled.

    I saw this on a recent episode of “How It’s Made.”

  12. Re-cyc says:

    Hi we buy car batteries depending where you are located in U.K,From 1 Ton to 100 Ton.
    Please feel free to ring or email

  13. DEMOLITIA says:

    Batteries a a hazardous waste product as dead cells. Therefore they should be handled with extreme care. Lady using batteries from the tip.. NOT WISE!! Have you ever seen an old battery explode??
    Guys, seriously, 90% of each lead acid battery is recyclable, unlike your little alkaline aa batteries!
    So GO AHEAD! Use the car batteries as much as you can, but when they have been scrapped at the local tip, leave them there. The tip needs to follow certain proceedure to show thatthe battery has been disposed of correctly.

    YASIN AND JI, No offence guys, but there are buisness websites for your discussions so go on them and keep the general public of britain out of it, we dont want to know how big your recycling centre is, and I do know that you are not paying enough to be competative on the english market anyway!!!
    G&P are ok, but there are many places that will pay you for your old batteries, like scrap yards etc. But if you are thinking of taking many at a time, make sure that your licenses comply to all ea and government regulations. The odd 1-2 is fine, and you will make a little money too.

  14. debi says:

    We can buy your lead acid batteries off you!!! We are a midlands based company who collect all over england. We offer a good percentage of the LME and also provide correct stillages and storage for them.

  15. mo khan says:

    Hi i am looking to start a small business and i have a few friends who work in the garage industries and am looking to get used car batteries
    i want to no on how much i am likely to get per battery etc i am based hertfordshire and would this price be included in collection or delivered to you

  16. mo khan says:

    p.s to the above you may email me at

  17. VICTOR SALAS says:


  18. allen says:

    hi.i buy old car battrey in uk for export to dubi.drain or not .give me a price per ton

  19. adel says:

    I want to know how much is approximatly cost to buy one hundred tons of scrap batteri I would appriciat if you tell me more detail as to how much would cost me if I buy lead from you please email me as much information as possibel in this regard thank you

  20. Raymond Chow says:

    you mentioned that u have a lot of old car batteries, and i want to buy them in big quantities? for export purpose!Please supply all the details by emailing me

  21. Lizzy says:

    *snores at people trying to do business here*

    so..basically, we’ve come to the conclusion that reusing/repurposing yourself is unwise?
    But there are lots of companies willing to buy them off you. Also you can take them to recycling places?
    may one enquire as to what the buyers do with them?

  22. Cebert Hines says:

    Hey there I am interested in setting up a battery recycling company in Jamaica. Any ideas as to how to start. I would appreciate some guidance frome someone who is presently running or worked in a similar company. Cantact emeil:

  23. CG Metals says:

    All your old battery’s are worth a small fortune. I’m a specialist that deals in this kind of stuff and give really top prices buy the kg (kilo) if any one is interested in letting any go i can collect or even drop a storage container with a concealed lid. 1meter square. Then when the container is full we will collect weigh and pay. For more information please call Chris on: 07788658310.

  24. Zarif Farooqi says:

    We are in Pakistan we need some buyers of led.Pls contact with us.

    • akwasi prempe says:

      i wd like to buy your used batteries and ship them to ghana.

      pls give me your price quote.

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  25. F.Holland says:

    Vinton Batteries have been involved in the recycling of batteries for some thirty years, the past fifteen of which successfully operating a battery collection scheme nationwide.

    We are one of the few companies in the UK licensed in the collection and disposing of batteries that are now classified as hazardous waste.

    We provide a safe efficient collection service of motor vehicle or traction batteries ranging from small quantities to large tonnages. We also offer battery dismantling services for secondary cells, i.e. ups etc.

    If you have batteries for collection, or other requirements, please email;

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