How can I reuse or recycle ballet shoes and pointe shoes?

En pointe shoesWe’ve had an email from Flannery, saying:

i would like to suggest : pointe shoes.
i have ten trillion old ones and they’re just hanging around

We’ve already covered shoes in general, Crocs and high-heeled shoes – so there maybe some suggests that’ll apply to these shoes too.

Flannery’s “ten trillion” of them suggests they’ve been worn as much as they can/should be so giving them to, say, beginners or other dancers might not be an option. I suspect like with high-heels and other “pretty” shoes though, they might lend themselves to crafts, especially if they’re “shabby chic” slightly scruffy rather than completely trashed. A display like the one in the picture might be a wonderful decoration for a dancer, former dancer or ballet-fan’s house.

Any particular suggestions or other ideas?

(Photo by crisderaud)

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96 Responses to “How can I reuse or recycle ballet shoes and pointe shoes?”

  1. Linda Tucker says:

    I am an art teacher in a secondary school in Cnanterbury, Kent and I would love your ballet shoes for an art project. let me know where you are based or how much it would be to post them to me.
    thjank you

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