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How can I reuse or recycle a sheep fleece?

The wonderful John B got in touch with my John the other day to ask if we could use a couple of sheep fleeces: someone he knows has been given the fleeces by a farmer client.

As I’ve just started spinning wool/yarn, the idea of a full fleece was appealing but also somewhat overwhelming – we said we’d take them if he’d been lumbered with them but otherwise it would be probably best to pass them onto someone else. Aside from spinning, we couldn’t really think of anything to do with them – then he suggested I ask on here for other uses.

We’ve covered man-made fleece jackets on here before but not the from-a-sheep variety. Apparently some people wash them and use them for insulation but there is a problem with moth-attacks.

What else can be done with them?

How can I reuse or recycle a fleece jacket?

fleece-jacketWe’ve had an email from “BustyBee” (hehe, great nickname) asking:

What are the reuses for an old fleece jacket? My DH has some that are too small but I don’t want to just throw them away.

If it’s just a case of them being too small then it’s probably best to pass them on to someone who can still use them as jackets – a charity/thrift/op shop or shelter would probably welcome them with open arms at the moment given it’s becoming more wintery by the minute.

If they’re too old or tatty for such a donation, you could salvage the bits of fabric that are still in good condition to use for various crafts and the like – I’d imagine cut into strips or small pieces, it would make bouncy stuffing or larger pieces could be sewn together to make a snuggly, patchwork quilt. Any other suggestions?

What about non-craft uses? I have a half a memory of people using old (synthetic) fleeces as an insulator for frost-sensitive plants in the garden or related to that, I guess they could be refashioned into a kneeling pad for leaning on when out pulling weeds and the like. Other ideas?