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How can I reuse or recycling broken dishwater parts?

dishwasherAt the start of the year, we had an email from Matt about his parents turning old broken dishwashers into compost bins and we got thinking what else could be done with them.

Chez has just emailed to offer some further dishwasher recycling suggestions:

We recently bought a new dishwasher and the old one (which has served us well for 23 years) has been taken by the local scrap metal merchant, but before it was taken, I rescued the interior fittings.

The “drawers” are on rollers and have made excellent storage in the bottom of the wardrobe.

There were 3 removable plate racks which I am using for plate storage in my kitchen cupboards.

The removable cutlery basket is now by the computer with an assortment of pens, rulers etc in it.

Any other suggestions for the various fittings?