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How can I reuse or recycle asthma spacers?

asthma-spacerWe’ve had an email from Judy, asking about reuses for asthma spacers:

Y’know, the big plastic cone things where you put the inhaler in one end? They are now being recommended for adults too so there must be millions out there.

I understand hospitals in Australia sterilise them for reuse.

In third world countries kids sometimes have to use empty water bottles and although I did read these are effective it seems wrong to have one standard for our kids and one for other people’s. I mean if they are *that* effective why are we getting the *proper* version on the NHS and not using old bottles ourselves? They ain’t cheap either as anyone who has had to buy a spare will know.

Apparently there have been several studies proving that plastic bottles just about as effective as the specially produced ones – I guess the (cynical) answer to Judy’s “why aren’t we just using bottles?” question is that someone realised there was a buck to be had making something special ;)

So that’s one way to make them by recycling/reusing something that is usually considered waste – but what are the options for used purpose-built asthma spacers? Does anyone know of any sterilising/redistribution schemes?