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How can I reuse or recycle old windows?

windowsWe’ve had an email from Beth:

My husband installed replacement windows in our living room last weekend to replace single-paned, leaky originals. We now have large storm windows and wood-framed glass (non-tempered, I believe) that seems a shame to just break and throw away. Looking for ideas to recycle them ourselves into something useful or someone to give them to that could make something out of them.

I’ve blogged about it but you can’t see the actual window in those pics, just the storms.

Any thoughts, ideas, or suggestions?

When we had our drafty, single-pane windows replaced a few years ago, I wanted to keep them to use in the garden – to make a greenhouse or cold frame – but the fitters had to pretty much smash every pane (and most of the walls around them) to get them out.

A cold frame is probably one of the easiest things to do with them – if you don’t want to do that, someone on your local Freecycle group probably will – but does anyone have any other suggestions?

(Photo by blatje)