Recycling for Charity: video tapes and boxes

This page lists charities and other organisations collecting old VHS video tapes and related items like plastic boxes.

If any details are incorrect or you know of any other groups collecting them, please leave a comment below and I’ll update the listings.

Who wants it Why Country Contact details
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562 Responses to “Recycling for Charity: video tapes and boxes”

  1. Dr David John Holdsworth says:

    I am in a very simler situation to your self have over 100 childrens videos that i would be happy to donate to a childrens charrity
    but they must be able to collect no transport

  2. I hav 3 boxes of vhs tapes all different ones free to collect cant deliver

  3. Helen says:

    Like many others I have lots of VHS tapes. Many films bought commercially, not recorded from TV.
    Could deliver Oxford, Thame, Bicester, Aylesbury. All free.

    • Anonymous says:

      I also have video films, but why on earth do people in Britain not want them, when other countries do? We are just lazy, and cannot be bothered society.I live in Livingston Scotland, and would deliver in car,if within a reasonable distance.

    • Michael `moloney says:

      I would love to have peoples unwanted video tapes,unfortunately I could only collect from towns surrounding Hemel Hempstead, something like a 10 mile radius

      Kind regards


      • Julia Brown says:

        I live in Harpenden and have loads of VCRs that I have tried to dispose of responsibly. Most are box sets like Indiana Jones, Batman, Fawlty Towers etc. Let me know if these are of interest.

      • Michael `moloney says:

        how can a person contact
        Julie Brown in harpenden ??

        I would have her tapes but i don’t see any way of replying or contacting her
        Kind regards

      • Gina says:

        Hi Mike

        I live in St. Albans and can deliver the old VHS tapes to you? Do you want any or only specific types? What do you do with them – can’t bear to think of them going to landfill!


      • Anonymous says:

        Hi Michael,I’ve got around 50 video tapes,would you be interested? We’re near Watford.

      • Sharon R says:

        Mike, if you are still looking for vhs videos I am happy to post them as I am really unwilling to send to landfills. I have quite a few of them.

        Kind regards

      • Anonymous says:

        Hi mike
        We have couple of boxes of video s tapes mostly films , are you still interested in them
        We are in Hemel

      • John says:

        Hi mike
        I live in St Albans and have three boxes of video tapes in my car. Let me know where you live and I will hapily drop them off.

      • Anna says:

        We have some videos to find a home for. We could drop them to you or meet 10 miles from you. I live in Milton Keynes. Kind regards, Anna

      • Jonathan S says:


        I have some VHS video tapes – about 2/3 children’s and 1/3 adult to give away and I work in Hemel Hempstead. I have not counted but I have several shelves. Maybe 30 to 40. I am moving house and no longer have room to store them.

        Please let me know if you are interested (even if you only want some of them) and how I can contact you.
        You can contact me on : 01442 884 579 (9am – 5pm)

        Thank you

      • Madeleine Parnwell says:

        Hi Michael,

        I have a lot of HVS videos. Can you tell me what you do with them as I am loath to get them ‘shredded’ as in perfect condition. Mainly children’ ones but a few comedy ones as well. Can arrange to delivery near Hemel Hempstead.

      • JILL Arthur says:

        Are you still wanting tapes? I live quite close to you and have about 20 pre-recorded ones . I would even be happy to deliver them to you.

      • Brian Collier says:

        Hi Michael
        I have some old VHS tapes / movies mostly.
        Are you still collecting old VHS tapes?
        MAy I ask what you do with them?


    • Michael `moloney says:

      Hi Helen
      If you still have tapes would it be possible to meet somewhere say outside Aylesbury on way to Hemel Hempstead, I don’t know anywhere ideal but it would only take a minute to transfer a box or two from one car to another
      Kind regards

      Mike 07896809463

      • Anonymous says:

        I am in Northamptonshire and have 2 large boxes of VHS tapes. Are they of any interest?


      • Anonymous says:

        Hi Michael,I’ve got around 50 video tapes,would you be interested? We’re near Watford. If so,can I contact you via the number here? Cheers. Biba

      • Anonymous says:


        I have 34 Videos in their original boxes, are you still taking these please? I live in St Albans. I also have a video recorder I think still works and an old 14 inch tv if you know anyone or any charities locally that may want these.

        Thanks, Alice.

  4. Lisa says:

    There must be an Artist/Sculpture out there somewhere who can build a garden sculpture from hundreds of tapes??
    – A good project for Art colleges!!
    Stick them together and make a new version of ‘Angel of the North’!

  5. sheila coaseley says:

    I have a large bag of Video tapes that I would like to donate, all the charity shop I have being to do not take the.

  6. Make it Yours Upcycle Center says:

    I am in Iowa and we still take video tapes and many other things at our creative reuse center. We are a nonprofit center. Make it Yours Upcycle Center. Items we don’t use go to our community thrift store/food pantry. Contact me if interested in shipping or delivering to Iowa. Thanks.
    MakeItYoursUpcycle at gmail dot com and on pinterest and facebook

  7. john says:

    If any one has or knows any one with football tapes,taped off the telly
    i.e Match of the day and ITV’s big match
    Will pick up from anywhere and very prompt collection

  8. Marcus Christo says:

    we are in Salisbury Wilts and have a stack of vhs tapes free to collector, god mix incl of comedy

  9. Jennie Butt says:

    I have a vhs recorder and tape for free to anyone who wants them.

  10. Jennie Butt says:

    I have a vhs recorder and tapes for free to anyone who wants them.

  11. I have 6-8 new vhs tapes in video library cases would rather give to good use rather than throw them out.

  12. Sarah Buckland says:

    I have several video tapes that I no longer want and even more audio tapes – free to anyone who can collect. Bath.

  13. Peter Walker says:

    There is a company in Bristol who according to their website can recycle video tapes, and will take up to 100 of them at a time. You just have to cover the postage. Video tapes aren’t that heavy, so shouldn’t be too expensive to send, and better than landfilling them.

    • Frances Arden says:

      The EMS Europe website says they no longer accept video tapes to recycle from domestic users… I have over 100 professionally recorded tapes to dispose of. Complete original Upstairs Downstairs, over 40 Midsomer Murders, Poirot etc. I need to move house soon and have no idea what I can do with them. Near Bristol and Bath if anyone wants them.

    • Rachel says:

      No they don’t. Stopped doing it. Not worth it now due to the low price of oil.

  14. bev hannigan says:

    I have various vhs tape elvis films,nursery rhymes, childrens, history, music groups, bands etc I would like a donation for a charity at your own discretion please. I am in Coventry,would prefer you collect thanks

  15. Tinika says:

    I have 1 large box of Disney videos and family films.
    These films are great condition.

    Located in Birmingham B16
    ready to collect if anyone wants them please get in touch.

    Drop off Birmingham area only

  16. Caroline Byrne says:

    I have a collection of over 170 video`s that are in excellent condition
    in their video cases and are not wanted any more. They consist of a
    wide range of interests such as Disney, comedy, drama, history, famous people, classic`s and TV programmes such as Friends.

    They were all commercially bought and none were taped off the TV. I would like to have them donated to charity or sell for a small fee. I`m in Drogheda Co. Louth Ireland and I`m afraid that I don’t have transport. If anyone wants them please contact me and we will sort something out


  17. Tony Betts says:

    I live in the London E7 0AN postcode and I have approximately 100 videos in their original cases. They were all commercially bought and none were taped off the television. I would like to donate them to anybody who can collect them from my home or I can deliver them within a five mile radius. My email address is:

  18. Josephine Forsyth says:

    I stay in Renfrewshire Scotland and I have got about 100 videos. Does anyone know of an organisation that can use or recycle them?

  19. Joe Giles says:

    Hi there , im looking for Teletubbies vhs videos
    my name is Joe.

  20. amin says:

    I have numerous VHS tapes which i am looking to donate – if anyone knows of a charity that might have use for them…..

    • Anonymous says:

      My charity store will take them PSDA in rubery UK Birmingham …
      im still looking for teletubbies videos ..but I cant seem to find them anywhere

      • Janet says:

        I have several old video cassette tapes if your charity would like them I can get them to you

        please let me have your address ….. will I have to pay postage ?



  21. Di says:

    I’ve the entire set ( 31 episodes ) of the original MORSE series, not from the TV, but bought years ago, and never opened. Anyone want them??? I’m in Shropshire, could deliver if near, or happy to post to anyone who wants them. If no replies soon will dump them. Di

  22. Teresa says:

    I have a box of movies on video (commercially bought). Free to anyone that can collect from NR14 area. Alternately may deliver for cost of fuel in Norwich area. Or if anyone knows of a charity shop that will have them….

  23. Ben says:

    I’m looking for comedy or children’s programmes recorded from TV between 1990-1999. Can anyone help? Thanks!

  24. Stuart says:

    Hi all. I will take any quantity of VHS tapes and make a donation for each one to a local charity – you just have to get them to me (South Bucks). Just email me

  25. Ruby says:

    I too have some unwanted VHS tapes-some that have not even been watched such as: Series 1 & 2 of Angel (spin off from Buffy), a Star Wars tape, Pride & Prejudice, Anne of Green Gables, quite a few Simply Red concerts plus others I cannot remember. All originals. Pick up from Bromley, Kent.

  26. Louis Granata says:

    We have about 100(more or less) VHS tapes in a special box for tapes that we are wiling to give to anyone who will pick them up. All are in good condition and some have three movies on them. We are in Ocala, Florida. Please contact us if interested. We also have thousands of dollars worth of craft supplies such as yarn,ribbons,etc. Everything is free to whoever will pick them up. Contact us at Thank you…..

  27. sylvie says:

    hi i have 140/160 vhs tapes action and adventure free to anyone who wants them they are 15s and 18s no porn

  28. Jeremy Goldbloom says:

    We have about 100 VHS bought video tapes to go to good home. Various good movies including some of the most popular childrens stuff ( Winnie the Pooh, Alice, Fantasia, Snowman). Collect from Chorleywood Herts (WD3 5NY)

    • Michael `moloney says:

      Hi Jeremy,
      do you still have the tapes and if so where could I collect them and when
      Kind regards


  29. Ed Blackburn says:

    I’d be happy to take VHS tapes off people’s hands! I collect ex-rental tapes mainly (horror/sci-fi/action mostly) and am part of a large community of collectors in the UK who look for the same.

    If anyone has any ex-rental videos that they would like rid of let me know. I’m based in Kinross, Scotland but hopefully delivery might be an option for those who aren’t close by.


    • Carol Nuttall says:

      Hi Ed Blackburn. We would love to know your contact details please or do you know of anyone in the Liverpool / Manchester area who is collecting tapes. Thank you.

    • Colin says:

      Hi Ed,
      I have a lot of video tapes,mixed lot ,music,kids,feature films etc.i am in the process of sorting them out if you are interested?
      I live just outside Falkirk so not to far from you.
      Let me know if you are interested and I will put together a list of what I have,rather give them to you than scrap them.
      PS not ex rentals or copies if that makes a difference.

    • Aneta says:

      I have a hand full of video cassettes. Clearing up the house due to move. Cassettes are in their original boxes (action/thriller/comedy). Give me an address & i will happily post. Titles of the movies are as follows:
      I still know what you did last summer, Star wars I & II, Disturbing behaviour, The One, The Count of Monte Cristo, Thirteen Ghosts, In The Midnight Garden, The Moth man prophecies, Ghosts of Mars, Dress to Kill, The Craft.

  30. Grace says:

    Hi Ed Blackburn, how I can get in touch with you pls? Thanks!

    • Ed Blackburn says:

      Hi Grace

      My email is

      I’ll look forward to hearing from you!



    • Ed Blackburn says:

      Hi Grace.

      I’m not sure anyone is moderating this page anymore as several of my replies to you are still waiting to be approved! I think it’s because I wrote my full email address in the message, so I’ll try this:

      ed dot a dot blackburn at gmail dot com

      Hope it works! I’ll look forward to hearing from you.


  31. Carol Nuttall says:

    Ed Blackburn. We would love contact details please or could you give us details of any of your collector colleagues in the Liverpool / Manchester area. Many thanks.

    • Ed Blackburn says:

      Hi Carol.

      I’m not sure anyone is moderating this page anymore as several of my replies to you are still waiting to be approved! I think it’s because I wrote my full email address in the message, so I’ll try this:

      ed dot a dot blackburn at gmail dot com

      Hope it works! I’ll look forward to hearing from you.


  32. Ed Blackburn says:

    Hi Grace and Carol

    My email address is



  33. john says:

    John in Bristol United kingdom
    If any one has or knows any one with football tapes,taped off the telly
    i.e Match of the day and ITV’s big match
    Will pick up from anywhere and very prompt collection

    • James Nash says:

      Hi we are moving house and have lots of football tapes if you are interested.Let me know exactly what you are looking for. Thanks

  34. john says:

    getting rid of music audio casettes Revolver records in Weston super Mare near Bristol in the U.K.
    Will buy audio cassettes for TWENTY PENCE a cassette.
    Not much but at least they will be used for the purpose intended.
    If its too far away,just post the if you really are a eco warrior.

  35. Ed Blackburn says:

    Anyone seeing this? Still waiting for someone to approve my posts!

    My email address is ed dot a dot blackburn at gmail dot com for anyone who wanted to know!


  36. john says:

    James Nash
    How many football tapes have you got?

  37. Janet Wright says:

    Would anyone like dozens of used video tapes? All recorded from television, and as far as I know in good enough condition to record over.

    Some branches of the Salvation Army still accept videotapes (I took some in a few months ago), but as far as I know only commercial ones – not home-recorded.

    I’m at my initial plus surname, all one word in lower case, at gn dot apc dot org

    • Ben says:

      Are there any kids shows on the tapes? If so I would be interested!

      • Madeleine Parnwell says:

        I have loads of children’s VHS tapes (bought ones)which I do not want to throw away. Can deliver within 24 miles distance

  38. Jessica says:

    Hi Everyone,

    I have over 300 video tapes. Approximately over 150 Disney and children’s films all in original boxes in very good condition. I also have used vhs tapes from TV shows mainly music and adverts.

    If anyone is interested we can drop off in Birmingham or collection I from Birmingham City centre can be arranged.

    Please contact me via email or comment on this post.
    Dr and Designer at yahoo dot com

  39. Lorraine says:

    Also, have found a link to a company called The Recycling People who recycle the videos, cassettes and cases. Maybe worth a look before dumping into landfill if no interest for them elsewhere.

  40. Rose says:


    I have a large collection of videos in excellent condition in cases– including Disney, children’s, comedy, James Bond and Friends (all 10 series). Collection only (from Redhill, Surrey).


  41. Michael `moloney says:

    Hi Gina
    If I could have your add. and postcode I could collect Saturday morning, or if you would prefer to arrange alternative
    Kind regards


  42. Marion Allerton says:

    FREE Boxes of mixed videos – collect by arrangement from with Wellesbourne , Amersham or Birmingham Business Park – titles include Black Beauty, Zorro, Old Bears Chair, Box set Trilogy Star Wars x 2, Stuart Little, Animals Farthing Wood, 101 Dalmatians, Ice Age, Disneys Three Musketeers, Scooby Doo x 2, The Aristocats, Camberwick Green, Lion King 1 and II, Pinocchio Special Edition, The Magic Pudding, Lady and the Tramp II, Wind in the Willows, The Mask, Home Alone II, Peter Pan, Jerry Maguire, Looney Tunes Bumper Edition, Babe, Space Jam, Teletubbies, Bugs Life, Thunderbirds, The Full Monty, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Ken Hom’s Cookery Course, Power Rangers x 2, Spy Kids2, Yu-Gi-Oh (The Scars of Defeat), Digimon

  43. Mo says:

    Hi I have loads of children’s vhs videos- does anybody take them. Charity shops no longer take them

  44. Dr Roshan Ansari says:

    Hi All,

    I have a collection of Childrens Movies on Video cassetes. Does anyone want them?

    I live in East London in Bow. I can drive and would be happy to transport if it is within 5 miles and there is parking.

    Please let me know.

    Many thanks.

  45. Heather says:

    I Have loads of video cassettes mainly children’s ones. I live near Leatherhead and happy to drive to deliver within reason. Disney, origina Poldark ( not all), magic roundabout, to name a few. Anyone interested?



  46. Kirsty says:

    I live in West London and have 30 video tapes if anyone wants them. Some of which include musical classics.

    Please email me by tomorrow afternoon (after which I will throw them out).

    Many thanks,


  47. Doris says:

    We have approximately 100 VHS tapes including box sets of “Fools & Horses”, “Faulty Towers” also individual Bond films, Disney films and many more. Does anyone know if there is anyone in the Crewe area who buys.

  48. Ana Belen de la Rosa says:

    I have a big bag of old video commercially bought to give . My postal code is CR0 8Ln,in Croydon,near West Whickham, I would prefer if you can come to take it.

  49. Jonathan S says:

    OK, my VIDEOS are taken (Michael Moloney was inundated and has enough, but Charlie has accepted mine) – so no more phone call offers please.

    Many Thanks
    Jonathan S

  50. Jonathan S says:

    I called up Michael and he is inundated and does not want any more tapes.

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