Recycling for Charity: printer toner or ink cartridges

This page lists charities and other organisations collecting old and used printer toner or ink cartridges.

If any details are incorrect or you know of any other groups collecting them, please leave a comment below and I’ll update the listings.

Who Why Country Contact details
Oxfam They sell them onto specialist recyclers to raise funds – but they can only recycle Lexmark, Hewlett Packard and Dell cartridges – and only if they’re not leaking! UK

Oxfam Recycle Scheme
Freepost LON16281

Freepost bags can also be sent out or you can drop them off at Oxfam charity shops.


79 Responses to “Recycling for Charity: printer toner or ink cartridges”

  1. Jill Baguley says:

    We have 15 used toners to be collected

    • Jill Close says:


      I’m in Rhyl, N. Wales and I’m the project manager for recycling cartridges and mobile phones on behalf of St Kentigern Hospice in St Asaph, Denbighshire.

      I collect in a 26 mile radius or supply prepaid envelopes for ink jets.

      If I’m out of your area, the company that take our recycling also arrange other collections, so I’m sure they’ll be able to help you.

      Hope this helps



      • Tony Murphy says:

        Hi Jill,

        I am a retired self employed architectural technician and i am part of a voluntary Group who’s prime interest is the West End of Rhyl.

        We are a C.I.C (Community Interest Company) and our organisation is under the banner of 4 the Community.

        I volunteer my services as a director on the company Board and mainly provide an architectural service which requires the use of a Epson Stylus printer which promotes a number of cast off ink cartridges, would they be of any use to St Kentigens.

        I have been passing them on in the the past through the postal service and thought that a more local direct route might save charity funds.

        Please advise if there is any interest

    • Alex says:

      Hi do you have any used catridges to be collected? Please contract me 0633492078 :

      my name is alex

      • val williams says:

        we have approx. 25-30 cartridges for collection, please let me know asap if you are able to collect.

      • John Bacon says:

        Hi Alex.
        Are you still involved in collecting unused inkjet cartridges for Epson printers ?
        I’ve got two unused, unopened, probably previously-refilled black inkjet cartridges (referenced CET028) for an Epson Stylus C60 printer. D’you want them ?

  2. Helen campbell says:

    I am looking for a charity or someone to collect from our company old printer cartridges and toners. Could you please contact me on the above email.

    Thanks Helen

    • Jill Close says:

      Hi Helen,

      There is no email address to use.

      I’ve just posted a reply to a similar request, so if you still need help, you can pick my details up there.


      On behalf of St Kentigern Hospice, St Asaph

    • Anonymous says:

      can i take my old cartridges to the oxfan shop

  3. Corbett Bookmakers have 58 branches in total that require their used HP Color Laser Jet toners collecting (free of charge). We would prefer that this would benefit a worthy cause.
    please email me at: (no time wasters please)

  4. Kelly Carr says:


    If anyone has any empty unwanted inkjet cartridges that they would normally throw in the rubbish bin, I collect them & send them away to be recycled for various charities.

    If anyone has any they can contact me on for details.

    Many thanks,

    Kelly Carr.

  5. Erick says:

    Hi Helen,

    this will be help me a lot..
    I am looking for a charity or someone to collect from our company old printer cartridges and toners

    collect in a 26 mile radius or supply prepaid envelopes for ink jets.

    • Jill Close says:

      Hi Erick,

      Maybe I can help out? If I can, just email me and I’ll get in touch.

      I’m in Rhyl, N. Wales and I’m the project manager for recycling cartridges and mobile phones on behalf of St Kentigern Hospice in St Asaph, Denbighshire.

      I collect in a 26 mile radius or supply prepaid envelopes for ink jets.

      If I’m out of your area, the company that take our recycling also arrange other collections, so I’m sure they’ll be able to help you.

      Hope this helps



    • Kelly Carr says:

      Hi Erick,

      The World Cancer Research Fund recycles used inkjet cartridges. I could ask them to send you some prepaid envelopes if you provide me with your address? I recycle my used inkject cartridges with this charity as they receive £1 for every ink cartridge recycled plus my mum passed away from Cervical Cancer on boxing day 2009 so really want to raise as much money for this charity as the money goes towards the important research to find a cure for this dreadful disease.

      Please let me know if you want any prepaid envlopes posted out to you & your address.

      Many thanks,

      Kelly Carr.

      • Eleni says:

        Hello Kelly

        I would really appreciate if you could give me some information as to how to contact Cancer Research as I have more than 500 toners to be recycled

      • Sylvia Denton says:

        I have used printer cartridges from time to time. If you send me a few envelopes I will forward them on to you|:

        Mrs Sylvia Denton

  6. yson says:

    Cartridge World ( is a franchise operation with more than 400 stores in the U.S. Cartridge World will refill cartridges while you wait, sell you their own brand of pre-packaged cartridges, or…

  7. Ink Raider says:

    We have plenty of old toner cartridges that will need collecting.

  8. Chris Moore says:

    I need someone to collect our used printer cartridges about once a month. We are in the West London area and have about 50-60 empty cartridges.

  9. karen hillman says:

    Hi – I work for Birmingham City Council and we have a number of unused printer and fax toner cartridges which we no longer have a need for – its likely that many will be beyond their use by date. Are there any charities that would be able to use these?


    • roxy says:

      Hi There,
      I work in the purchasing team here at Tonerman and we are always interested to buy any quantities of original unused inks and toners at top prices, so if you do have any please let me know and I shall make you a good offer.
      Look forward to hearing from you.
      Kind regards Roxy :)

    • Hello Karen, if you have a list or photo of all unused toner cartridges we can purchase them from you?

      we are always interested in buying surplus/overstock of toner cartridges.

  10. Kyle Prior says:

    I think Ink Cartridges: recycle cartridges and offer money or the option to donate to charity aswell.

  11. Amie Lumley says:


    I have 6 used toner cartridges compatible with the Samsung SCX4300 (but not original samsung ones). Some of them are already recycled ones. Does anyone know if these can be re-recycled?! Also if there is a local charity who will take them / collect them? I work in Frating near Colchester, Essex.


  12. Glen says:

    Am in the Preston/Poulton area I have 2 huge rubbish bags filled with boxed used toners for the hp colour laserjet 1600 printer.. I hate waste – but need the room now :P

  13. Glen says:

    will do Paul.. do u also supply them?

    • Paul Heptonstall says:

      We can supply most makes and types.

      If you require a quote then pleasze email me your printer requirements.

      For Recycling purposes I have a driver in your area who calls based on a set pattern, usually every 8-10 weeks.

      We can always add your company to our list of companies

  14. roxy says:

    I am interested to buy full unused ink and toner cartridges – Originals only.
    I can buy new, damaged, expired and open stock (As long as the cartridge has not been used!)
    Feel free to send me a list of what you have and I shall make you an offer on the items we are interested in – I can assure you my prices will not be beaten!
    I can buy any quantity from single units to container loads!

  15. Rachael says:

    Hi, I have 9 unused canon ink cartridges. They were for my old printer, but it broke so I replaced my printer and I am stuck with all of the ink… What can I do with it? I don’t want it to go to waste. Thanks! Rachael

    • Paul says:


      If Roxy cannot assist you, let me have your postcode and I wil tell you if we can pick up the unwanted cartridges


  16. roxy says:

    Hi Rachael,

    Can you let me know what the cartridge code is on the box?


  17. Rachael says:

    Are you wanting what cartridge it is or something different? I have canonBCI3e:22ml cartridge
    And then canon BCI-3 or 6: 10 ml cartridges. Also, I didn’t catch your location until tonight and I was wondering if you deal with cartridges from the U.S.? Thanks Rachael

  18. Matt says:

    When your printer informs you that your printer ink cartridge is empty, that should not be the end of that cartridges life. As with many items discarded today, they can be recycled and reused. We will pay cash for that empty ink cartridge ! Not just a few pennies, but currently we pay up to £4.50 per empty cartridge for some ink cartridges.

    You can either open an account or choose to donate to our registered charity that is cancer research which we have donated over £5000 in the recent years. Everything is FREEPOST.

    • Jen says:

      Hi Matt,
      The company that I work for are looking to donate their old ink Cartidges and Toners.
      We are mostly interested in donating to charity. Could you send me some information on how I can do this please?

      • Hi Jen

        We collect used ink and laser toner cartridges and donate to charities, Macmillan, Sparks Childrens charity and Variety Club of Great Britain.

        We do regular collections to companies and supply the full environmental paperwork after each collection.

        You can book a collection at and click on “BOOK A COLLECTION”

  19. Darren says:


    I am based in Liverpool and cover the Merseyside/Wirral area. I collect on behalf of a company who recycle ink jet, laser jet cartridges, as well as mobile phones for a charity of your choice. More information can be sent regarding this free service.


    • K Young says:

      Do you collect in Speke? We will need a collection approx every 2-3 months and want any proceeds to go to a local charity.

  20. Jennie says:


    We are based in the Huddersfield area and recently the charity we were sending our used laser toner cartridges to have said that they can no longer take them and can only accept the smaller inkjet cartridges. I am unable to find a local charity locally who can take the larger toner cartridges we have, is anyone able to help?

  21. Neil Galbraith says:

    I am based in Central Scotland,and cover most of Scotland. I collect on behalf of a company who recycle Laser and Inkjet cartridges as well as old mobile phones.The profits will be donated to a charity of your choice.
    There is no charge to your company.

    For ISO purposes,Waste Transfer Notes are available.

    If interested please contact:

  22. Sally says:

    Good Afternoon

    We are a large organisation who have a stock of 137 unsued Toners that we would like to donate to a charity. They are all IBM or Canon toners.

    Could someone please give me guidance on how we can do this, if at all possible

    Kind regards

  23. Tony says:

    We are a printer cartridge recycing company based in West Yorkshire and we offer free cartridge collections throughout Yorkshire, Humberside, Derbyshire, Notts, Lincoln and Staffs. Please see our website for more details.

  24. Kelly says:

    My company has a large amount of ‘full’ toners which are out of date, that need collecting (free of charge)

    Anybody do this

    • Elisha says:

      Hi Kelly,
      We can offer a service for this – alot of the toners may even hold a value which we will be able to pay you for.
      Feel free to call me on 01606 49915 to discuss


  25. Sue Munro says:


    We have a sackful of used laserjet HP/Brother/Canon toner cartridges that we are looking to donate to a charity or worthwhile cause in Lincoln, is there anywhere that will take them?

  26. Hi Sue,

    We have a cartridge collector within Lincoln, their nominated charity local to Lincoln is St Barnabus Lincolnshire Hospice.
    If you would like to e-mail me at with your details I would be able to get this arranged with our local collector for you.

    Many Thanks,


  27. wayne bowden says:

    Hi i have a large wooden crate containing used large ink jet cartridges i am in newport south wales want to give them to charity if anyone collects from this area?

  28. Nat says:

    Hi ..

    I have used canon cartridges, how can i get it collected ?

    • Neil Galbraith says:

      Hi Nat,

      What is your location, and how many cartridges do you have?

      I collect on behalf of Clover Technologies, and we have a nationwide service.

      Best Regards,

      Neil Galbraith

  29. joanne says:

    Hi is anyone collecting laser jets in Bristol please

  30. janette says:

    Hi We are based in Rhuddlan nr Rhyl i am wondering if there are any charity shops or other charities who could use our old ink cartridges to send for recycling.

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  32. Antony says:

    I have various toner cartridges ready for recycling, I am in Kimnel bay. i would require some form of documentation for our environmental file.


  33. stevie says:


    I have 25 unused toner cartridges, mostly brothers but some HP. I need them gone by Tuesday if anyone knows a charity or someone who would collect them for a good cause??

  34. Darren Pittard says:

    I am based in Liverpool and cover the Merseyside/Wirral area, as well as Lancashire,Preston, Burnley and surrounding areas.
    I collect on behalf of a company (Clover Environmental Solutions) who recycle ink jet, laser jet cartridges, as well as mobile phones for a charity of your choice. More information can be sent regarding this free service.

    Clover also offer a company mobile phone buy back scheme.

    Information can be supplied on all of our services, please email me –

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  36. Collecting old and used printer toner or ink cartridges is a very good idea because we sometimes need a old printer and toner for money save. At this time i need a old Xerox 106R01150 toner. Have you this product?

  37. DARREN says:

    I am based in Liverpool and cover the Merseyside/Wirral area, as well as Lancashire – Preston, Burnley and surrounding areas.

    I collect used printer cartridges from businesses. These are recycled for local charities such as St Catherines Hospice, East Lancs Hospice, Zoes Place.

    Please contact me at

    If your business has any surplus stock, these can be collected free of charge

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  45. Ana Lesnaja says:

    I have a used cartridge, which I am trying to recycle. It is from Samsung printer ML 1640. Would you be interested in collecting this cartridge? Thanks, Ana

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  47. Margaret & Jonathan Page says:

    I have about a dozen brand new HP printer ink cartridges. I can’t use them because I’ve changed printers.

    Would anyone be interested in buying them? Or are there any charities that could use them?

    Best wishes

  48. Anonymous says:

    I collect cartridges on behalf of local charities around the north west

    Where are you located and would you be willing to donate to charity??

    Regards Darren
    Collector on behalf of Clover Environmental Solutions

  49. Margaret & Jonathan Page says:

    I’m in London – North West London.

    But I’m guessing you mean North West England.

  50. Darren Pittard says:

    Yes .
    I cover a majority of North west – Merseyside, Preston, Burnley, Wirral.
    Depending on what cartridges they are, I could arrange for a courier to collect

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