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How can I reuse or recycle birthday/Christmas wrapping paper?

Gift wrapped in wrapping paperIt’s John’s birthday today and while between the two of us, we’re not big gift givers, he’s sure to receive presents from family and friends.

Back when John and I first met and still gave gifts, he once wrapped my birthday present in newspapers and elastic bands, with a spoon for a “bow”, but his friends and family are more traditional when it comes to gift wrapping.

So what can we do with the gift wrap once its cast aside? Even with careful opening, it might not be in big enough pieces to use for any substantial present wrapping in the future so what are the alternatives?

And with Christmas around the corner too, any special ideas for reusing or recycling festive Christmas wrapping paper?

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How can I reuse or recycle … dried fresh flowers?

Dried flowerBack in the day when John used to buy me flowers*, if possible, I would keep and dry the flowers to preserve the gift.

I’ve ended up with quite a stash of dried flowers hanging from various parts of the kitchen because I couldn’t think what to do with them once they were dried.

They are not flowers grown intending to be dried so they don’t hold their petals enough to be used in a dried flower arrangement – and I’m not really a dried flower arrangement girl anyway. I’m not really a pot pourri fan either – the cats would just try to eat it. Or poo in it.

So any non-flower-arrangement, non-pot-pourri-in-bowls reuses for dried flowers? It seems a shame to just compost them after all this time but they’re just getting knocked about in their current position.

* This isn’t a dig at him: he doesn’t buy me flowers now because I made him stop for environmental reasons. We have lots of (home-grown) plants around the house instead now.

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How can I reuse or recycle greetings/Christmas cards?

Greeting cards
Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday to me-eeeeee,
Happy Birthday to me.

For no particular reason, why not let’s think about how someone can reuse or recycle greetings cards, like, you know, Christmas cards or perhaps birthday cards? And while we’re thinking about it, I’ll eat this gigantic cake.

Hurrah for nothing whatsoever of note happening 27 years ago today : )
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