How can I reuse or recycle a dog’s leather collar?

Earlier in the week, I had a to-the-point email from Cubby asking:

how can i recycle a leather dog collar?

My first thought was keeping using it/pass it on – but then I remembered that we’ve got an old leather collar of Lily’s here after the metal work rusted and snapped off in a not-easy-to-fix way – so it’s possibly Cubby is in the same position. (I’m rather annoyed about the rusting as I purposefully went for what looked to be a good quality collar, with the hope it would last and last. Bah!)

Basically, what we’ve been left with is a strip of pretty tough leather, which is shaped and holed at one end.

It’s not easy to recycle random leather things – logistically more than anything, as the fabric and shoe bins that collect other bits are usually more geared towards items that can be sent overseas for reuse rather than industrial reclamation so they probably won’t know what to do with it, and it might just end up in a bin.

A leather strap like that though could be reused in a number of ways – you might be able to upcycle a collar from a small dog into a bracelet/cuff (like you might do with an old belt). A longer collar may work as a replacement strap on an old bag/luggage, or as a brace in the garden — we’re going to be planting out some fruit trees soon which will need staking, Lily’s nice brown collar would make a strong alternative to rope etc.

Any other ideas?

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5 Responses to “How can I reuse or recycle a dog’s leather collar?”

  1. carol says:

    Leather is a tough one to recycle, but the hardware, once washed, would be a cute embellishment for a purse, pocket or maybe an apron.

  2. RecycleBill says:

    The metal hardware can be sold to a scrap metal recycler. Depending on how handy you happen to be, the leather strap could be used as a watch band, a simple hinge, a closure (latch) for a box or a handle for carrying the box.

  3. RecycleBill says:

    PS. How about a chew toy for the dog? Also, leather eventually biodegrades and can be added to compost piles.

  4. Su Wilson says:

    A good sadler or cobbler should easily be able to replace a rusty buckle. Since the holes are already there, it is possible to replace it yourself, just remember to use a good strong thread. However, in the case of Lily’s collar, that should have been returned from wherever it was purchased, since it was clearly not fit for purpose. Leather goods should last almost indefinitely, if properly taken care of, not be useless within 12 months!

  5. Skip Hire says:

    Many people from the punk rock era wore the studded dog collar around their neck although it’s not a look that I would suggest. I have seen one dog collar converted into a watch strap,and that looked quite good.

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