How can I reuse or recycle shot glasses?

shot glassWe’ve had an email from Clare which is a kinda reverse this thing and a kinda ‘how can I recycle?’ thing:

My boyfriend has a huge collection of shot glasses in various shapes and sizes (he’s not a great drinker, so I don’t know where they came from!) I thought some of them would make great spice jars — but I need some lids for them.

Wine bottle corks are too small. I thought about begging Champagne corks from a local posh restaurant, soaking them to restore their tubular shape and carving them to fit. But I’m a danger to myself and those around me when using a scalpel.

Does anyone have any other ideas for making lids to fit shot glasses in a variety of shapes?

So … any ideas? I can’t think of anything other than those plastic lids you get for open tin cans – and they’d be too big and too ugly to use here.

Or any other suggestions for what Clare can do with the many shot glasses?

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20 Responses to “How can I reuse or recycle shot glasses?”

  1. Alice says:

    I’ve collected every plastic bottle top I’ve ever owned for absolutely ages, so I almost always have a top to fit if I rummage hard enough. I wonder if plastic milk bottle tops would fit some of them?

    Ideally spices should be kept in dark containers to keep them fresh, and the seal should be really airtight too – Marmite jars are perfect, shot glasses maybe not so good…

    …they would be perfect for making vodka jellies though :-)

  2. Mary says:

    I also collected shot glasses of all kinds. I found a wooden shelf(very home-made)at a yard sale, and I hung it in my family room. Looks really neat! Or, donate them to your favorite bar.

  3. Gina says:

    I have to agree with Alice regarding the air tight seals. My husband has a collection of these, too. I think displaying a collection is always a nice touch in any home and your man will feel important when he sees his “knick-knacks” displayed. It’s his home, too, and I think sometimes we ladies forget that. Have fun and good luck!

  4. Sandy says:

    Have you considered giving up on the spice idea (again – I agree – need it to be tight seal)?

    I would place a solid paper behind the glass (so you could still see what was printed on them) and then fill them with potpourie (yeah – I know – probably mispelled-sorry) so your display case has a double duty.

    Or, as a crafter, you could use it to organize beads, buttons, etc. They would also be handy for separating candies and other things for kids to decorate gingerbread houses or crafts (without letting them use too much of your stash).

    Yeah – I have a hard time throwing ANYTHING away!

  5. Handem says:

    I have an idea which needs a bit of DIY. Have a wood panel cut in any desired shape. Arrange and gluegun all shotglasses by the rim. Drill little holes in the middle of each glass from the back (probably a better idea if you drill first and glue after) and insert a christmas tree lightbulb into each hole. Et voila a nice piece of “showcase art light fixture” which will be one of a kind.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m searching for ideas and ended up here I just have to tell you this is an awesome idea! Thanks for sharing ☺️

  6. Handem says:

    do not drill into the glass… sorry for typo… drill into the wood of course

  7. Rosalie says:

    I use the shot glasses as bud vases and for starting cuttings (like coleus). I also sometimes keep beads or marbles or other pretty little things in them. I line them up on the sunny window in front of my kitchen sink — they just fit perfectly and they are lovely to look at with flowers, plants, and other pretty things in them.

  8. Bonnie Fowler says:

    have you considered a combination of wood and cork board? Perhaps a half ball of wood for top, one/two layers of cork cut to snuggly fit jar opening, and finish with smaller round of wood for durability, screw up through the bottom layer of wood and cork and into the wood top. All items can be found at a local craft shop with minimal cutting. lid tops can be stained or painted as you choose, beads/tassels can even be added by screwing an eye into the top.

  9. Clare says:

    Thanks for the advice everyone. I’m not too concerned about air-tightness, as I buy spices in tiny quantities and use them up very quickly.

    I love Rosalie’s idea. There are some glasses that are too wide to cork, and they will definitely be used as little vases.

    Bonnie, you might have come up with the solution — thanks very much.

  10. Alice2 says:

    I Have a collection and use them during christmas to display my favorite ball-shaped ornaments.

    Could use as a base for lots of round things

  11. shortypa47 says:

    I have a very large collection of shotglasses (over 4000) and there is so much that you can do with them . Displaying them is a perfect idea. Never try to drill into a piece , because it will shatter . You could always take small pictures of loved ones and place (glue) them in the pieces, take little objects that you have collected and glue them to the pieces. If you want to cork them , it is very easy to do . Take a cork and use a small bench grinder and slowing work the cork into the shape in which you desire . Do not try to hand cut the cork , because it will break it up , or crack them .If you wish to make a hole in the cork , just take a drill bit the size desired and slowly twist the drill bit through the cork . There is so many things to do with them if you wanted to . I have other ideas if you can to e-mail me . Have a nice day.

  12. Gulia says:

    Grow cactuses in them.

  13. Melissa says:

    Make them candles, use them as a shot glass collection, sell them on ebay, They wouldn’t make good spice jars, because they are not jars. Use baby food jars as spice jars.

  14. Melissa says:

    Make them candles, use them as a shot glass collection, sell them on ebay, They wouldn’t make good spice jars, because they are not jars. Use baby food jars as spice jars. I have a collection and use it for a collection and taking shots. U could use them as storage if you do crafts, put push pins, glitter, embellishments, whatever in them. But i would recommend selling them if your not going to use them for their purpose lol

  15. Melissa says:

    “I wonder if plastic milk bottle tops would fit some of them?” No, shot glasses have a wide opening at the top, its not even with the rest of the glass.

  16. Olia says:

    They are very good for serving soft- boiled eggs.

  17. tanya says:

    they can be used for dips when the kids are eating, or my daughter likes them for her barbies and dolls- and of course I do not give her the ones that have wording on them. I have little mason jar looking ones she love them. They are really nice at bbqs for condiments

  18. melissa says:

    Plant succulents in them! They would make great little window planters!

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