How can I reuse or recycle … old speakers?

SpeakerI’ve had an email from Nnicdic saying

how can i recycle speakers they work but are unwanted?

Because they work, I would automatically suggest trying your local Freecycle group as chances are, someone will be able to use them for their intended purpose.

But for this site, lets assume that they don’t work – anyone got any ideas of how broken speakers (or any of their component parts) could be reused?

(Photo by potatosoup, mmm soup)

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16 Responses to “How can I reuse or recycle … old speakers?”

  1. The speakers can be ripped apart. The casing can be used somehow. The cardboard piece can be tossed in the recycle bin, and there are lots of uses for the magnet. The speaker cord can be used also.

  2. Cadan ap Tomos says:

    Take them down to your local Civic Amenity Site. Someone will pick them up and find a use for them.

  3. Anthony says:

    I’ve been thinking, if you can hotwire a car, then why should it be out of the question to hotwire all of your speakers into some sort of converter that hooks up to the media system (your computer) to give you steller vintage surround sound. Most speakers work, their components are plastic and metal. The product should work as long as the materials hold out (which as I’m told is for thousands of years). I’ve been looking for someone who knows enough about computers and engineering to help me out.
    It would seem like a simple operation, like putting speakers in a car, right?
    Why should we let all of that untapped sound end up on the street when we can reuse those parts and blast our music into kingdom come?
    What if you could just go to good will and use those speakers to create a home made surround sound? Who’s with me?
    any ideas?

    • dangerousdave75 says:

      Nice idea but the thing we all appreciate most about good speakers is thier clear unfuzzy sound, I presume this bloke who’s looking to recycle his speakers has found they now lack quallity, if I were him the only thing I’d keep would be the magnet, accumulate enough of these things and he could sell the lot for loadsa moneeey!, as the magnet is the most expensive components of a speaker – schools might be interested in them if he wanted to donate them to a good cause, but he’d need enough for a class or two.

    • Blaine janas says:

      I have taken two Nakamichi 10’s and turned them into subs for my computer system using a high power tuner and four tower speakers…sounds better than most car stereos. If they are blown you can re-cone them though i wouldn’t suggest for an amateur. The magnets are recyclable because they are Ferrit or another material that is a rare earth metal..not cheap ..get what I’m saying. You could get some money for them at a metal scrap yard.

  4. Gulia says:

    If they are big rectangular, use them as side tables, covered or not.

    The box itself can serve as a shelf, or storage cubby.

  5. Olia says:

    Use screen to seethe something. Use wires to tie plants. Place a potted plant into a speaker hall after emptying.

  6. Helen Barrett says:


    I need approx 100-200 speakers for an art installation. Anybody they have any they would like to get rid of? working non-working new and old, even shells, all welcome!


  7. Stephanie Hart says:

    I just came up with what to do with the face of the speaker. Turn it into a diy project and make earring holders. They work perfect! Just spray paint and put a ribbon on top so you can hang it on the wall. Hope this helps some people with recycling!!

  8. ben johnson says:

    Iv made a sound system out of old road cones and 60l plastic barrels my current system has 2 15″ bass drivers 2 12″bass drivers and 2 6″ lo mid drivers and 1 6″ hi mid driver plus a horn tweeter the whole lot runs at 1400 watts rms I tried it out at a indian curry night for 150 people at it was really loud and the sound was nice and crisp and everyone said it sounds really nice and never thought of making a speaker like this

  9. That’s a great idea, I like it, and I will try to recycle my old one. Hope that it will be OK like you

  10. repurposer says:

    You can build a nice set of bookshelf speakers from these. You will have to build the wooden speaker cabinet. You can then add a tweeter which will not cost much, if you wish.

    See this site:

  11. Andrea Duquette says:

    I was given a set of speakers.. THey are in pretty rough shape. But that is why I took them. I plan on using the BOXES from them to make Small Coffins (Halloween Props) They already have a good shape to them for that.. But the actual working components. I am looking for ways to UPCYCLE them.. Turn it into something else. Just tryinbg to figure out what

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