How can I reuse or recycle … washing powder balls?

A washing powder ballI posted an item from my mum last week about how to reuse washing powder tablet nets and it made me think of their solid plastic friend: those funny shaped ball things that you put washing powder in before putting the ball directly into the washing machine.

I’ve got a few floating around from back in the day when they were the washing powder innovation du jour and since I’m trying to move away from chemical powder onto soapnuts now, I have no need for them.

Any suggestions for reuses? They’re really sturdy with a flat bottom but awkwardly shaped apart from that.

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39 Responses to “How can I reuse or recycle … washing powder balls?”

  1. Amanda Kerik says:

    I’ve never seen these before!

    I think they could be made into potpourri balls… they’d look interesting on the Christmas tree.

    I’d love to have them, but I don’t know what the post would cost to send them – I’m in Canada!

  2. Alison says:

    I have been looking EVERYWHERE for these, as they are the only method I have found that doesn’t leave a smeary powder line on clothes, and mine is split and ready to retire.
    I cannot find any retailers who still sell them ,would you part with one for a few quid? I can post a cheque which would cover costs and P&P. Pls respond

  3. Tis says:

    OMG!!!i have been trying to find these for ages. They don’t sell these anymore!! Have you got any more? I’ll pay postage, etc.

    If there is anything that is usable, but you don’t want it, I recommend posting your item on Freecycle (yahoo groups, but just Google “Freecycle” to find it). Its good for the environment!

  4. fishcake_random says:

    they are normally just the right size for a pair of socks.they are really helpfull to stop pairs loosing each other.

  5. Ros Mansfield says:

    I have also been looking for these and would be willing to purchase if you still have some left. Please email me with details if possible

  6. Anonymous says:

    thats so neat that u wanna throw something away and u could have just out them on ebay and sold them like crazy

  7. pauline ware says:

    I am desperate for one of these as my one has broken could you send one to me PLEASE.

  8. Brigit says:

    I have also been trying to purchase these balls – please contact me if you wish to part with any.


    please call 07764491596 thanks

  9. Chris Padley says:

    I too have been trying to find these. Anyone else got any they don’t want


  10. Janet says:

    I still have some of these washing powder balls.

    • Anewor says:

      I have spent months searching for one of these balls and considering the number of similar comments, there seems to be a gap in the market! If no one else has taken up your offer, I’d love to! Happy to pay P&P or whatever. email me

    • mark says:

      hi im after one of the plastic ones for washing powder from the early 90s do you have any you don’t require i will pay postage for it

      many thanks mark

    • Tracy says:


      I’m looking for one plastic washing powder ball, do you have a spare one please? Happy to pay of course!

  11. Nic says:

    In common with a number of other responders, I too have been searching for a replacement for the ball that I have, that is getting very tired of being repaired. If you have another of these that you would be willing to part with I would be completely happy to pay your price! Email me

  12. Sounds like someone needs to find a way to make one of these from recycled materials, so that all these people who are desperate to get one can make their own as even if they get one of the many people have stashed away, it sounds like they break quite frequently. I have a few but just re-use them but if I haven’t had one to hand I just stick the lid of the washing liquid in the machine, obviously not as well designed to disperse the liquid as a round ball but never had a problem.

  13. lesley wotherspoon says:

    i am looking or a ball that i can put in the washing machine can u help me

  14. Mary says:

    I’ve been looking for a replacement for my one that’s finally given up the ghost. If anyone has a spare, I’d be happy to pay postage. Please mail –

  15. janet says:

    I have found some more washing powder dosing balls, if anybody wants some I will sent them for the cost of the P&P. Email me

  16. Helen says:

    Hi does anyone have any of these spare??
    My mum’s old one has recently cracked and we cant find a replacement anywhere.
    If anyone finds one can you please email me at
    I’d be happy to pay P&P costs

  17. Anna says:

    Has anyone else got one of these going spare?
    My boyfriend has just fitted our kitchen and unfortunately has blocked in the soap dispensor drawer of our washing machine and there is nothing he can do to remedy it…. (great!)
    Have a ton of washing powder to use and don’t want to chuck it onto our clothes without protection.
    Any spare powder ball most gratefully received… Will happily pay postage and a ball fee if required!

  18. karen McAllister says:

    I have been searching the net for some of these plastic powder dosing balls, if you would be interested in selling a couple, would you let me know please, mine has been misplaced and no one is owning up in our house, and now I’me lost without it.

    Many Thanks

    • Janet says:

      I still have a few of the white dosing balls left, if you are interested I will send you a couple for the price of the P @ P, see above for the email address. Janet

  19. Saffron Taylor says:

    Hi Janet

    Any more dosing balls???? These are very difficult to find it is driving me crazy!

    Many thanks

  20. Jane Sands says:

    Please contact me if you have any of these plastic washing machine balls which you add detergent to as I can’t find these anywhere.

    Kind Regards

  21. Melissa says:

    Hi has anyone got any of the old style aerial washing ball. Broke my boyfriend’s, he’s upset about it as his late mum gave it to him. Willing to pay for it. Thanks.

  22. says:

    I desperately need to replace my old dispensing ball. I’ve had it for years and it is now on it’s last legs. Please can you help?

  23. Anita Welsh says:

    I’ve tried to get one of these detergent balls and cannot find one anywhere. I have just bought a new washing machine and need one urgently. Can anyone help????

  24. Lisa says:

    These washing powder balls are called ‘Dosing balls’.Look on ebay or contact your washing powder brand company they may supply you with one for free.

  25. Linda says:

    Are these dosing balls the same thing as the item pictured at the top of the page ? And can they be filled with powder and put into the washing machine ? Mine has just broken and I can’t get one anywhere.

    • woo says:

      I searched for ages looking for powder dosing balls and finally found them for .90p each plus p&p onlne at Amway (UK) Ltd. Product code 5101. They’re not ball shaped but serve the same perpose of evenly dispensing powder in the wash. Also prolongs the life of your machine by not clogging up the elements. Don’t know why they’re so hard to find but hope this helps everyone. At that price I bought a few to last me.

  26. Dan says:

    You got any of these dosing balls left?

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