Recycling for Charity: video tapes and boxes

This page lists charities and other organisations collecting old VHS video tapes and related items like plastic boxes.

If any details are incorrect or you know of any other groups collecting them, please leave a comment below and I’ll update the listings.

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553 Responses to “Recycling for Charity: video tapes and boxes”

  1. Ben says:

    I don’t want to recycle video tapes as such- but I am a big collector of them. I’m looking for programmes recorded from Children’s ITV/ CITV between 1990-1999. Can anyone help?

    • Andy Hipwell says:

      I have a box of children’s video’s some old any particular one’s you would require?

    • karen parkins says:

      I have a lot of kids pre recorded video flims and tv series bob the builder roobarb and custard home alone simpsons etc anygood ?

    • Andre says:

      Your in luck. I’m just about to throw out all my VHS tapes, as I’m in the process of converting them. I have x6 tapes of Reboot which was shown on ITV if your interested?

    • Anonymous says:

      I have a big box of ‘friends’ videos you can have!!

    • Ruth G says:

      We have at least 50 pre-recorded videos – mainly Disney and other films – childrens and musicals. Free to collector. Watford area

    • Jeff Rushby says:

      Hi Ben. Just come across your message about vide tapes. If you still require some I have about 50 covering various TV recordings taken over several years. If you are interested email me . I’m in the south London area. cheers Jeff

  2. John MX says:

    I have a boxed set of the “Raj Quartet” (700mins!)several pre-recorded operas that I cannot bin…dying for a good home N London…(

  3. Michael says:

    To Heidi Reed: I would love the video of Antonia’s Line if you still have it. It’s been on my list of films to see for a while. Could you send me your email address so I can give you my physical address.
    To Philip Matthews: Unfortunately I only saw your december post today – could you email me if you still have the tapes and if you do, where you are based.
    To Micky: Do you still have your videos as well? If you do, could you give me an idea of some of the contents? Does the tw area mean tyne and wear?
    I would still consider taking anybody’s videos depending on the contents, but bear in mind that I live near Newcastle and would only consider paying for postage or petrol if the tapes contained something I particularly wanted – usually obscure films or old documentaries. My email is
    Thanks everybody

    • michael bull says:

      I have lots of very good films on vhs including the dutch film Antonia’s Line.Others include Bergman films, Blow Up, Accident(Joseph Losey I think) etc,etc.You are welcome to have them or some of them free as I would hate to bin them.I can’t do an actual list but could make a selection based on your tastes or you can have the lot.I would want you to pay postage or courier of course.Let me know your thoughts,


    I have a large box of pre recorded films on vhs tapes.Various adults and childrens films.Fly away home.Full monty.shazam.lee willy.too many to list. Im in the maidstone area so can deliver locally.

  5. Lil says:

    I have videos of various childrens films and adult / family films anyone interested in and around the Epsom – Wimbledon area – two boxes full

  6. Becky says:

    We have over 200 vhs videos of cowboy films ect, and would love them to be watched and enjoyed by some one else, pls email me if interested, Bournemouth area.

  7. Michael says:

    I’d be happy to take any videos people might still have of stuff they taped from the TV, depending on what it is. I’m mainly looking for old slightly obscure movies (1920s-90s – crime,horror,foreign,musicals,western,comedy,indie – anything) and old documentaries (eg. Arena, Imagine, Storyville, Omnibus, South Bank, biographies, basically anything pre-2005), but also old dramas and comedy. Basically anything that isn’t readily available on dvd. I’m not interested in more well-known films as I’ve probably already got them. I’m interested in prerecorded videos if they’re fairly cult, obscure or rare. If anyone has some they think would fit the bill, could you please send me a list or at least some idea of what’s on the tapes to If I like the sound of your collection I might be able to come and pick them up. If you post a reply on the message board please leave your email address.

    • Keith Jordan says:

      Hi Michael,
      I have plenty of old videos ( an assortment of them which includes the kind I think you are lookinf for. I am looking to sell them for what ever I can get for them. The reason being I have run out of space to store them. Are you willing to pay for them ?

      • Michael says:

        To Keith Jourdan

        I would only be willing to pay for them if I knew what they were and I thought they were worth it, so you’d have to send me a list of the titles. My adress is in my other message. Thanks

  8. Lesley Jenkinson says:

    i have lots of VHS tapes that belonged to hubby boxed set of the Prisoner. Sporting ones and motor racing etc Leave me a message if anybody interested Wigan area (MAnchester)

  9. sue says:

    gosh like alot of people i have loads of videos to get rid of my son still watching videos but mainly the train ones have mostly childrens classics and similar would like them to be watched if poss.seems a shame to turn them into somthing else. if anyone wants any of them or wants a list please email

  10. A. Algar says:

    I live near Paisley in Renfrewshire and have dozens of Dr Who videos if anyone wants them

  11. Nicki says:

    I am trying to find a good home for full box sets for Star Trek Voyager & Buffet the vampire slayer. If anyone knows anyone who would like them or where they maybe appreciated, please get in touch.

    Many thanks

  12. Anonymous says:

    I have many science and health videos of very good TV programs. I am in the Los Angeles area they should be picked up too many to mail.

    e-mail to

  13. Jenny Kelly says:

    I know an elderly lady who is looking for someone interested in having her large collection of vintage movies (Greer Garson for example). Sydney, Australia. My email is

  14. Louise Sturdy says:

    I have got the following video tapes, if anyone is interested:
    Randall and Hopkirk x2
    Forsyte Saga x2
    Bridget Jones Diary
    Die Another Day
    Fierce Creatures
    Shakespeare in Love
    Cold Feet
    Captain Corelli’s Mandolin

    If interested, e-mail me on

  15. maggiemay876 says:

    i have loads of videos if anyone wants them. nr dunstable, bedfordshire

  16. dee8658 says:

    Have lost of video tapes of live concerts such as QueenLive at Wembley; Freddy Mercury Tribute;Beatles Anthology Parts 1 2 3 4 5 6;Live Aid, Kurds Charity concert; George Michael acoustic sessions:Michael Jackson 30th anniversary concert 2001;Hail Hail Rock and Roll Chuch Berry; Abbey Road Studios documentary; Princess Diana Funeral; Tribute to Ray Charles;Aretha Franklin concert;Stax concert; I have also lots of Graham Norton; Billy Connolly; Absolutely Fabulous: Les Patterson: Plus many novies from the last 20 years.
    Live in Hampton

  17. Joyce says:

    Hi Folks: Unlike most of you who seem to have videos of specific programs, etc., I have a multitude of TV shows that I have been taping since 1995. My tapes contain soap operas at the top and all kinds of evening shows at the bottom: all kinds of drama and suspense, some romance, action, true to life fiction, everything except comedy and reality stuff.

    Here are the issues:
    1. I do all of my taping in sequence by date, so one tape may have soaps on the top and three or four different evening shows on the bottom.
    2. I do have all the shows listed in binders because the tapes are labeled by type and number, not by name of show. I also have everything in databases on the computer.
    3. The main issue is that I have a little over 6,000 tapes, and my family and friends want nothing to do with them. I’m 70 years old and plan to be around for some time, but I would love to be able to find some organization (nursing home, assisted living group, library or what have you), that might find what I have of some interest. I’m certain no one group or individual would want the whole lot, but maybe there are lots of groups out there who could share.

    If anyone is interested, or would like more information about the shows, my email address is

  18. jen says:

    I have a couple of boxes of VHS to get rid of.

    They are listed below:
    The Lion King/Jungle Book/Hook/Cinderella/Prince of Egypt/Hercules/Flubber/ The Rescuers/Jumanji/Matilda/Dennis/ Muppet Christmas Carol and a few Disney sing along ones too.

    The Juror/Good Morning Vietnam/A Few Good Men/Behind the Mask/Star Wars the Phantom Menace/ Awakenings/Dead Poet’s Society/Black Beauty/ Mysterious island/ Take That-Nothing Else “The Movie”/Practical Magic/Meet Joe Black/East is east/GI Jane and Bowfinger.

    In the Leicester Area – If possible collection only.
    Would like a small donation for the lot, which will go to an Aids Orphanage and Hospice in Johnannesburg South Africa, called Saint Francis.

    If interested please let me know on my email below.

  19. Stephen Barlow says:

    I’m In Wigan and still like VHS’ – TV, Football, Motorsport, Martial arts films etc…

    If You have them and want to be rid let me know


    • Kev Tipper says:

      Are you still looking to take on VHS videos?
      If so I have a few boxes of football, Bruce lee, action and classic ones that are free to a new home.
      I have a trip to Blackburn, from Dorset, coming up in a few weeks so could drop them off if easier than mailing.
      Let me know anyway, thanks.

  20. Suzanne Ellis says:


    I live between Northwich and Warrington in England and have got mainly children’s VHS videos-Disney videos and some from when the famous five was on tv if anyone wants them.


  21. Toni says:

    I have a load of old VHS’s if anyone wants them. If not they are going in the bin!

  22. mrs ruth fletcher says:

    hi anyone out there who wants lots of video tapes from children to adults I have five large box loads looking for a good home hope to here from someone thanks

    • Denise says:

      I will take yours too. Email is on the previous reply. Denise

      • sharon says:

        Hi Denise, I have lots of video tapes, mainly music ones and rare at the time, like Alice Cooper live. Some live punk ones and then the normal Eddie lizzard, comedy,films, to trainspotting lim ed , would you be interested?

  23. Anonymous says:

    Hi All

    Everyone that has videos taps you no longer want why not
    offer them on your local freecycle or Freegle group.

  24. Lisa Harkins says:

    Having a big clear out of VHS tapes. I have many rare indie, cult and horror titles as I used to be a film lecturer. I also have some cool kids’ vids. If you are interested let me know and I will send you the list. Anything to stop them ending up in landfill! Thanks, Lisa. Contact lisaharkins at gmail dot com

  25. Linda says:

    I have 2 boxes of videos, 1 box of 27 friends series videos, then another box with mainly children’s, a few football team and some films.
    Happy to go to a new home.

  26. Linda says:

    My email if anyone wants to contact me the above message.

  27. Jenny says:


    I have about 45 videos which have mainly films on them that I have taped over the years. Can anyone give them a home.

  28. David Lloyd says:

    I have a couple of hundred VHS tapes, mainly Star Trek series and many good films all in good condition…free to a good home. I live in Telford

  29. BOB PHILLIPS says:

    I have 4 boxes of VHS tapes – Thunderbirds, X Files, Blakes 7 etc.
    Would anyone like them? I am in Cornwall. I could ship – I just don’t want to throw them away.

  30. Katie says:


    I have a few box’s of VHS Childrens and Adult films along with a few series of red dwarf if anyone is interested? they seem to good to throw out! Im in Reading.

  31. Anonymous says:

    I have a box full of pre recorded about 30 in total. Action, musicals and comedy. I am in morecambe. Free to anyone who can make use of them.

  32. Richard says:

    I have 97 tapes I need to get rid of, I’ve tried freecycle and local recycling to no avail. There are Films, TV Comedy, Stand-Up, Music, and Documentaries. I don’t have a car and postage cost is about £38 from Parcelforce, so these would need to be collected (we live near Romford).

  33. Teresa says:

    Looking for a home for approx. 190 Dr Who video tapes belonging to my late son free to collector (live near Bristol).

    • Stephen Barlow says:

      Are these BBC tapes?

      I’m looking for 2 to complete my collection – The Ambassadors of Death & The Five Doctors/The Kings Demons Box set. Let me know What P&P Etc if you wish, no problem & Thanks for reading any way if you don’t.

      Sorry to hear About your loss, Love to you.


      • Teresa says:

        Sorry the whole collection went earlier this morning. Good luck finding the missing ones.

      • Annie says:

        Hi Stephen
        I have the single VHS video of The Five Doctors (Unabridged Version).
        I know your post was a long time ago but let me know if you still need it.

      • Stephen says:

        Thanks Annie

        Since my last post I’ve managed to complete the collection :)

  34. Stephen Barlow says:

    Thanks Anyway :)

  35. JILL ARTHUR says:

    I have about 70 tapes looking for a good home.
    They range from action films and sci fi to musicals and children’s films.
    (we live near Watford)

  36. Goody says:

    I have the following VHSs. Very happy for anyone to collect from North LONDON (NW5):

    Filthy Rich and Catflap
    Blackadder 2
    Blackadder the Third
    Blackadder goes forth
    League of Gentlemen 1st series
    The office
    The Fast Show series 2
    Spaced series 1 and 2
    Black Books series 1
    Father Ted series 1 and 3
    Faulty Towers – Psychiatrist, Builders, Wedding Party
    Sesame Street alphabet jungle game, Great Numbers Game
    Bag puss
    The Jungle Book
    Finding Nemo
    The Cat the Hat
    Invasion of body snatchers 1955
    The Man Who Would be King
    Star Trek, Miri and The Conscience of the King
    Clockwork Orange
    The Straight Story
    The Marx brothers Love Happy
    About Schmidt
    The Producers
    Hancock the Lift & the Rebel
    Dr Strangelove
    Casino Royale 1967
    Gone With The Wind
    Citizen Kane
    To Kill a Mockingbird
    Withnail and I
    Eddie Izard live at Ambassadors & Glorious
    South Park movie
    Onegin (Ralph Feinnes)
    Jurassic park 3

    Email if interested and able to collect in next few days. Thanks.

  37. Angela Mullard says:

    Hi!! I live in Yeovil,Somerset. I have a collection of 48 comedy/ documentary video tapes to give away, to anyone who would like to collect them!

  38. Linda Houghton says:

    Hi is there anyone out there who wants lots of video tapes from children to adults I have loads looking for a good home hope to hear from someone thanks – I live in Lincolnshire

  39. Michael says:

    I am looking for recordings of David Mercer plays from the 80s. I think the original tapes have been pulped, but someone might have made a DIY recording off the TV,

  40. Mariette says:

    Anybody collecting VHS videos for kids? Grandparents with a VHS player? Able to transfer unto DVD? I have the following VHS videos to give:
    Noddy: The Great Noddy/Noddy and the Milkman
    Bob The Builder:Scoop saves the Day/ Naughty Spud
    Brambly Hedge, Readers Digest, two videos of the four seasons.
    Percy the Park Keeper: One Snowy Night
    Roobarb and Custard: When Custard Stole the Show
    Teletubbies: Dance with The Teletubbies / Favourite Things (no case)
    Paddington Bear:A Taste of../3Exciting Adventures
    Introducing Maisy

    I am in Brentford, Middlesex, TW8 (West London)
    Please email me at

  41. nicola dickinson says:

    I have lots of kids tapes- magenta clues, bob the builder etc .

  42. peter says:

    I have 12 boxes of videos from (U’s -18) they need to be gone asap

  43. Denise Glover says:

    I have just gotten around to looking at replies. Sorry for the delay. Those that have tapes,and are still wanting to get rid of them – and are in the U.S., let me know. Denise

  44. Pam Robertson says:

    I have 2 large bags of videos…mainly suitable for children/young adults and will happily send them to someone for the cost of the postage . Rochester/Kent or can be collected or delivered locally for a small charge

  45. Lyn McKay says:

    Hi I have found a charity that takes video tapes to sell its AGE UK the shop in Leigh Park Havant Hampshire I have phoned and they confirmed they do still take them. So presume any AGE UK will do the same.

  46. CHRISTINE says:

    Hi. I have 560 vhs videos from Disney to box sets of James Bond/Friends/South Park etc. Need to get rid of them, but reluctant to through them in the skip. If anybody wants please leave message, I am in Surrey. Thankyou.

    • Dave says:

      Hi Chirstine, I would love to take them of you if you still have them. I am writing from a care home and the guys love vhs’s but no one locally sells them, its fairly distressing for them. Any help would be great.

  47. Marc R says:

    Would be happy to take any VHS boxed videos if anyone wants them to go to a good home.

  48. Elizabeth Wilde says:

    We have a variety of films etc., on video tapes and if anybody wants them and are prepared to collect please contact me. We live in the Bournemouth area.

  49. Mariette says:

    Are you in London, Marc?I am and happy to pass on the videos.
    Do you still want some VHS boxed kids videos?

  50. Sara says:

    Hi, I’m clearing out my shed and have found quite a few videos. Is anyone interested in them before I chuck them in the bin? Lots of children’s and general/tv/comedy/action films. Seems a shame to throw them away really. In Kent and need gone ASAP!! Thanks

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