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How can I reuse or recycle old brooms, brushes & rakes?

Following on from last week’s plastic dustbins and Monday’s broken ironing boards, Philip also suggested

Brooms and rakes.

I don’t know why, but people often throw out orphaned handles and heads of various garden tools. I simply play match maker. You can’t have too many garden tools on a farm. Reconditioned tools also make great presents.

Philip’s idea is a great one – my father-not-in-law collects and matchmakes them too. I think nearly all our garden tools now are refurbished old ones.

We went through a phase a couple of years ago of having a lot of brushes (and mops) break at the bottom of the handle – so had some brush heads lying around. I thought I’d covered it on the site and someone had suggested using them to make a boot brush/scraper – but I can’t find that now so many I dreamt it — a good idea though!

I imagine an old rake could be used to make a en masse berry picker like this one by kooky chap Atomic Shrimp.

Any other reuses for old/broken brooms, brushes and rakes?

How can I reuse or recycle rusty tools?

Rusty HammerWe’ve had an email from Janet:

I’ve been clearing out my dad’s old shed and it is FULL of rusty old tools. Help! What should I do with them!

I guess it depends how “rusty” you mean by “rusty” – if it’s not very, a local community group (say an allotment group if they’re gardening tools) might be willing to refurbish them and put them back into use but if you mean utterly seized and beyond redemption, they might not be so keen.

It also depends on how “old” you mean by “old” – some people collect antique/old tools and equipment, particularly if it is for a specialist purpose so it might be worth investigating that option.

Any other ideas?

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