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How can I reuse or recycle floppy disc boxes?

Floppy disc boxWe’ve had another email from our good suggesting friend, [Am]/Delusion:

Me again, I have just managed to find a company that will recycle floppy discs (as well as shred the confidential information) however now that the mass of floppies have gone I am left with several different shaped floppy disk boxes.

Any suggestions on what I could do with them?

I’ve attached a photo of three different styles of boxes i have!

We’ve got a couple of these lying around too and I’ve got one of those divider ones earmarked for that long, long, long awaited day that I get organised – I thought I could use it for recipe cards.

Any other suggestions?

How can I reuse or recycle floppy discs?

Floppy discRemember when 1.44MB seemed like all the storage space you’d ever need? And then later on, when games came spread across 8 of them, meaning your heroic rescue of Sophia from the evil Nazis is interrupted while you change to disc five? And how it was so easy for the discs to corrupt if they got within a 14mile radius of a magnetic field? And how it took about half an hour to load and save to them?

Yes, we remember them so, so fondly. And have a giant stack of them to get rid of.

Any ideas?
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