How can I reuse or recycle contact lenses?

We’ve had an email from Dean:

I have just had my eyes lasered and need a suggestion of where I can send unused trueye contact lenses? Also have some monthly disposables and two pairs of glasses?

Glasses – spectacles – are quite widely collected for recycling/reusing overseas — a lot of opticians have collection bins and some charity shops do too (Help the Ages, for example). Contact lens containers are also useful little things – eg, use them for carrying little amounts of salt, pepper or other seasonings on camping trips.

But what about the contact lenses themselves? Does anywhere collect them for redistribution overseas or anything?

Any suggestions?

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6 Responses to “How can I reuse or recycle contact lenses?”

  1. shelly says:

    i once donated a contact lens to a vet to help heal an injured eye of a cocker spaniel.

  2. Kara says:

    My optician takes back any unused, unexpired lenses when my prescription changes. They usually give me a discount on my new lenses if the box is open, or a full refund if the box is unopened.

  3. Gulia says:

    I’d glue two lenses together, after placing an itsy-bitsy image or an object inside. Makes nice necklace. The earrings can be made by the same principle.

    Glue it onto a button to make it even prettier.

    Make a bowl or a sink for doll’s miniature house.

    Place a seed and a drop of water and watch it grow.

    Squeeze in into a small hall in a wall before plastering.

    Use for Halloween makeover. Glue to your face and cover with make up.

  4. I am sure anybody who finds a way to recycle contact lenses will make millions of dollars..

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