How can I reuse or recycle … water filter cartridges?

A glass of waterWe’ve had an email from Hannah Phillips asking if anyone has any ideas on how to recycle old water filter cartridges.

Hannah started using water filters because she thought it would be less wasteful than buying bottled water – less plastic etc – but now has the cartridges to dispose of instead.

Brita brand filters (which seem to be one of the most prominent in the UK as far as I’ve seen) say all their cartridges can be recycled but what about other brands?

And how about reusing them rather than sending them in for recycling?

(Photo by jan-willem)

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65 Responses to “How can I reuse or recycle … water filter cartridges?”

  1. great article. I liked the way you define it. I also encourage people to reuse everything as much as you can. Recycling is the best thing to save our planet.

  2. Alexa Bartel says:

    Do I need to take them to a certain place to recycle them or do I just recycle them along with other plastics?

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