Who are the authors and the contributors?
The main post authors are Louisa Parry and John Leach – you can read more about them (us) on the About the Authors page.

The contributors are anyone and everyone from around the internet that can see a use for the item or has an opinion on the dilemma. You don’t need to register to leave a comment, just fill in the form on the relevant article.

Where do you get your photos from? Can I use them for something about recycling?
We try to take them ourselves – and when we do, we upload the resulting high resolution pictures to our Flickr account – http://www.flickr.com/photos/87481332@N00/. The photos shown on there are all Creative Commons (Attribution) licensed so you can use them as you please – just make sure you give “How can I recycle this?” a credit (and a link, if you’re being nice).

Most of the rest of the photos – when we’re too lazy or can’t take the picture ourselves – are taken from the free stock photography available through http://www.sxc.hu. We always credit the original artist and, where necessary, have contacted them directly to ask permission to use them on the site. If you want to use a photo credited to someone through sxc.hu, you’d be better off searching the archive and contacting the snapper yourself – you’ll get a much higher resolution picture than the ones we use on here too.

(Update: we’ve set up a Recycle This account on SXC now too if you can’t access the Flickr ones – you have to be logged in to download the full size images though – http://www.sxc.hu/browse.phtml?f=gallery&l=recyclthis)

How often is the site updated?
Posts are, um, posted nearly every weekday. Comments can be added at any time.

I’ve got a great idea of something you can use!
You do? Ace! Hit the “Suggestions” link at the very top of the page to let us know about it.

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